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National Hugging Day – January 21

Open up your heart … and your arms, this January 21. It’s National Hugging Day! As you might guess, this day is an annual event dedicated to the underrated art form of the hug. We love all types of hugs, from “butt-out” hugs to bear hugs. And so does Kevin Zaborney—he created the holiday in 1986. And hugging is contagious; the holiday has spread from Clio, Michigan to several other countries. This National Hugging Day, give out hugs freely and often. Family, friends, and strangers all deserve a warm hug!

Celebration of Life Day – January 22

Celebration of Life Day is January 22! Although you should be appreciating your children and grandchildren every day, this holiday is a day to recognize and celebrate them. You’re supposed to step back and think about what makes your children and grandchildren so special. To truly celebrate, you should try to view the world through the lens of a child. And, if you want, you can shower the young ones of the world with presents and candy. We’re sure they wouldn’t mind.

National Blonde Brownie Day – January 22

Are blondes really more fun? That question may be up for debate on any given day, but on January 22—National Blonde Brownie Day—the answer is a resounding, "YES!" blonde brownies, aka blondies, replace the cocoa in a brownie with brown sugar for a warm, rich molasses-flavored treat. For those times when chocolate is just too heavy, lighten up and enjoy a blondie. On National Blonde Brownie Day, we celebrate these lighter treats by baking, eating, sharing, and buying them!

National Pie Day – January 23

Three weeks into January... need an excuse to indulge since you've been so good with your diet resolutions? Yeah, we thought so. You're in luck! National Pie Day, brought to you by the American Pie Council, is on Jan. 23 and a wonderful reminder of America's pie heritage and expression of the country's love affair with pies. (I can taste the chocolate cream already!)

Community Manager Appreciation Day – January 23

Community Manager Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on Jan. 23 and was created by Jeremiah Owyang in 2010 as a way to recognize the efforts of community managers globally. The life of a community manager is a hectic one— endless monitoring, conversation after conversation, and nonstop content creation. There’s a saying: "Social media never sleeps, and neither do community managers". That’s why on this day, we celebrate community managers and vendors in the social media marketplace post blogs in appreciation of their hard work and dedication.

National Beer Can Appreciation Day – January 24

On Jan. 24, we celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day in remembrance of the historic, monumental, and thirst-quenching day beer was first sold in cans. Now canned beer just makes sense. Beer cans are easier to pack in a box or cooler. Advanced thermodynamics and quantum physics tells us beer cans are more efficient to pick up. But remember, fellow history buffs, it wasn't always that way. If we don't remember where we're from, how will we know where we're going? And wouldn't we still be thirsty when we got there? Take a minute to think that one over while downing a cold one. Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day!
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