Relationship Holidays

Get ready to celebrate holidays throughout the year that recognize the special relationships in your life and those who bring a smile to your day.

Valentine’s Day – February 14

Valentine’s Day really did start as a feast day for St. Valentine, the patron saint of love and affection. But thanks to Chaucer and his tales, the day became infused with the romance, tension, and drama of the English imperial court. Et voila, 200 years later, it means we’re buying chocolates and making reservations for very expensive meals. Join us on February 14th as we celebrate this special day of love.

Singles Awareness Day – February 15

It's so okay to be single. Like, really. Recent Census figures show that over half of all Americans, ages 16 and older, are single. Hallmark may not agree but Singles Awareness Day on Feb. 15 is a fantastic day to celebrate your independence, moxie and unique style!

National Ex Spouse Day – April 14

On a level from one to Adele, how are you feeling today? When we tell you it's National Ex Spouse Day, is that going to make you blast "Someone Like You" and cry into your ice cream? If you said yes, you're wrong. Created by Reverend Ronald Coleman — not, surprisingly, by a recent divorcee who realized how much he was saving on taxes — National Ex Spouse Day is the day to reflect on the positive moments you shared with your ex. (And if you rejoice about your breakup a little, we won't judge you.)

National Look-Alike Day – April 20

Ever heard the saying “there’s someone else out there who has the same face as you?” According to you, it’s probably Brad Pitt or Amanda Seyfried. But in all likelihood, it’s probably a normal person across the country you’ll never meet (with 7.4 billion people on the planet, there’s bound to be someone else out there who shares some of your features). Regardless, on April 20, we celebrate National Look-Alike Day. It’s the perfect day to try to convince people your doppelganger is a celebrity, instead of that completely normal person you bumped into at the supermarket. One small note though: if you’re trying to find your exact doppelganger, you might have to wait awhile. There’s only a 1 in 135 chance that there’s a single pair of exact doppelgangers! Can someone say #twinning?

National Best Friends’ Day – June 8

Don’t miss the chance to tell your best friend, bestie or BFF how much you love them this National Best Friends’ Day on June 8. Where would we be without our friends? They’re the ones who help us when we need it, and know how to make us smile when we are feeling down. The longer you have been friends with someone, the more special the relationship. Sometimes you know your best friend even better than anyone else on the planet. Celebrate your unique bond by meeting up and catching up, this National Best Friends Day. Or if life gets in the way, and you can’t meet up with your best friend, why not set aside some time for a phone call to reminisce about your past adventures together.

International Day of Friendship – July 30

We have a question for you—would you say your friendships enrich your life? The United Nations General Assembly loves their friends too—so much, in fact, that they proclaimed July 30 as International Day of Friendship. The resolution, launched in 2011, recognizes that friendship between individuals, countries, and cultures can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. It's focused on promoting conversations between different communities and civilizations—so it's all about planning community activities that include different cultures and promote international understanding and respect for diversity. How are you going to celebrate friendship today?

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