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SunJun 2

National Janice Day – June 2, 2024

We celebrate National Janice Day every June 2. Janice is a relatively new name, and its popularity can be traced to American author Paul Leicester Ford using it for the title character of his novel, “Janice Meredith.” Many of our favorite fictional characters are named Janice, and many of us have real-life Janices in our lives. So, we dedicate this day to everyone who shares this name. Dive into its history and meaning and show the Janices you know how much you appreciate their presence!

History of National Janice Day

When fans of the classic sitcom “Friends” hear the name Janice, their minds fill with the image — and voice — of one of the show’s most iconic recurring characters. Her telltale wheezing laughter and catchphrase, “Oh my God,” made her one of the most annoying yet lovable characters in the series. Besides her, several of our favorite movie, series, and game characters have been named Janice.

Janice was once a prevalent name in the U.S., especially in the 1940s and 1960s. The name has roots in Hebrew as a variant of Yohanan, which means “God is gracious,” and was thought to be a feminine version of John. A significant factor in Janice’s popularity was the historical novel “Janice Meredith,” written by Paul Leicester Ford. After the book’s publication in 1899, the name became trendy and started to reach the top of American female name charts.

Janice’s popularity slowly declined after 1960, when the trend of naming kids after the most fashionable names faded in favor of finding more unique ones. Despite this, many of our favorite people still bear the name.

National Janice Day timeline

‘Player of the Year’

Janice Lawrence Braxton wins the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (W.B.C.A.) ‘Player of the Year’ award for her basketball skills.

“Iskwewak Kah’ Yaw Ni Wahkomakanak”

Toronto’s Women’s Press publishes Janice Acoose’s book, “Iskwewak Kah Yaw Ni Wahkomakanak.”

Janice Burgess

Burgess becomes the executive in charge of Nickelodeon’s productions, an American television channel.

Janice E. Cuny

Cuny receives the 2016 Special Interest Group for Computer Science Education (S.I.G.C.S.E.) Award for ‘Outstanding Contributions to Computer Science Education.’

National Janice Day FAQs

How old is the name Janice?

We don’t know the exact year the name Janice came to be, but it started gaining popularity in the 1800s. The name continued to rise in popularity until the 1950s when it slowly began to decline in popularity.

What does ‘Janice’ mean in “Bible?”

‘Janice’ means “gift from God” in the “Bible”. In French, the name usually means “God is gracious.”

Is Janice derived from Janus?

Janus is the Roman god of great beginnings. Some people consider the name Janice to be derived from him, but Janice is commonly known to originate from the Hebrew language.

National Janice Day Activities

  1. Go out with a Janice

    Do you have a friend or family member named Janice? Perfect. Spend the day with them and take them out to a nice place!

  2. List all the Janices

    List all the Janices in your locality or friend and family circles. Then, show your appreciation for their positive presence in your life.

  3. Create a “Happy Janice Day” card

    People love to receive cards on holidays. Create a personalized Happy Janice Day card and send it to all the Janices you know.

5 Facts About Janices That You Should Know

  1. The male version

    The male version of Janice is John.

  2. Janices in the U.S.

    There are around 598,139 Janices in the U.S.

  3. The popularity of Janice

    Janice is the 1,032nd most popular first name in the world.

  4. It’s a female name

    More than 99.9% of people with the first name Janice are females.

  5. The peak of popularity

    Janice’s popularity peaked in the 1950s when it was among the top 25 most common names.

Why We Love National Janice Day

  1. It’s a day for all Janices

    We love to make people feel special about their names. Today is a time to celebrate everyone named Janice and all the great things they’ve done.

  2. It encourages us to keep in touch with friends

    We love it when people get in touch with old friends or make new ones. If you’ve lost contact with a Janice, now is the perfect day to call them and make plans to catch up.

  3. It honors the name’s historical origin

    To celebrate the day, understand Janice’s origin and history. Satisfy your curiosity and learn something new!

National Janice Day dates

2024June 2Sunday
2025June 2Monday
2026June 2Tuesday
2027June 2Wednesday
2028June 2Friday

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