May 10th Birthdays

We have 3 birthdays listed for May 10.

May 10th is the 130th day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as South Africa's first black President; Sony first introduced the Betamax videocassette recorder, and Bobby Orr scored the famous goal that helped the Boston Bruins win their fourth Stanley Cup. Famous May 10th birthdays include U2's Bono and the fashion model Linda Evangelista. Today is National Receptionists Day and National Shrimp Day.


Bono’s Birthday

A passionate singer, songwriter, and humanitarian, he’s made an impact in more ways than one.


Corey La Barrie’s Birthday

From creating videos for fun to becoming a well-known YouTuber, his entertaining videos live on.


Anna Paul’s Birthday

She's only been in the U.S. for a year, and she’s already soaring high!