Corey La Barrie

Corey La Barrie, born on May 10, 1995, was a popular YouTuber loved by many for his entertaining videos. La Barrie launched his channel in 2014 and posted his first video in 2016. He collaborated with several well-known YouTubers throughout his career. This boosted his popularity among YouTuber fans. In 2019, La Barrie started a separate YouTube channel with fellow YouTuber, Crawford Collins, which also contributed to the growth of his own YouTube channel. Following La Barrie’s death on May 10, 2020, his number of subscribers grew as many wanted to know who he was and express their condolences. We celebrate his life and birthday here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Corey La Barrie

Birth date:

May 10, 1995

Death date:

May 10, 2020 (age 25)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 0"

Net Worth:

$100 thousand

Corey's Social Media:


Corey La Barrie, a popular YouTuber, was known by many for his entertaining YouTube vlogs. He often had posts featuring his friends, family, and fellow popular YouTubers. Born on May 10, 1995, in Australia, La Barrie had a brother and a sister. With his dad being a professional footballer and his grandfather a professional cricketer, La Barrie engaged in sports such as football, tennis, and basketball as a child, and was good at them too.

La Barrie’s idea to start his own YouTube channel was inspired by his impressive following. He was inspired by the engagement from his Instagram and Twitter accounts when he started posting regular videos on them. In January 2014, he launched his YouTube channel. He only posted his first video in 2016 featuring Kian Lawley called the “Egg Roulette.” The more videos he posted, the more recognition he got. He started collaborating with popular YouTubers such as Crawford Collins, Bobby Marei, Kian Lawley, and JR Munoz. These collaborations contributed to his rise in popularity as a YouTuber. Growing up, La Barrie had dreams of becoming a Hollywood actor and practiced his acting skills often. In 2019, he made his first television appearance on “The Reality House,” a popular reality show with Collins. In the same year, La Barrie and Collins started their own YouTube channel called “Corey and Crawford,” which currently has 197,000 subscribers and over 10 million views.

On May 9, 2020, neither La Barrie nor his friends, family, and followers thought that they’d see his last YouTube video posted the day before his birthday. On this day, the popular YouTuber posted a video called “Deleting This Video in 24 Hours…,” announcing that he would be live-streaming on a platform called “Twitch” with some of his friends to celebrate his birthday. On the night of his birthday, La Barrie and his friend, Daniel Silva, were involved in a tragic car accident in Silva’s sports car, resulting in La Barrie’s death and Silva’s injured hip. Silva, who had been drunk at the time of the accident, was charged with the murder of his friend. La Barrie’s subscribers and followers dramatically increased after his death as many followers expressed their condolences under his last video and across all social media platforms.

Career timeline

He Launches His YouTube Channel

La Barrie decides to start his YouTube channel after he notices a good response from followers on Twitter and Instagram to his videos.

He Posts His First Video

La Barrie and his friend, Kian Lawley, who is also a popular YouTuber, posts his first video to his YouTube channel.

La Barrie and Collins Launch

La Barrie and Crawford Collins, his friend and popular YouTuber, launch their channel together called “Corey & Crawford.”

La Barrie’s First Television Appearance

La Barrie makes his first television appearance on “The Reality House,” a television show.

La Barrie Posts His Last Video

La Barrie unknowingly posts his last video on YouTube on the day before his birthday and day of his death.

Why We Love Corey La Barrie

  1. He was funny

    La Barrie was no YouTube influencer by luck. He made his followers laugh with his funny and charismatic vlogs, especially with the challenges he did with his friends.

  2. He did not neglect his talents

    He decided to create a YouTube channel, and he made a success out of it. He was also an aspiring actor who was working on his acting skills in the midst of entertaining his YouTube followers.

  3. He was creative

    Being a social media influencer requires a great amount of creativity in your content, and it seemed that La Barrie never ran out of ideas! His YouTube channel has a range of interesting video topics of different tastes.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. La Barrie was an entrepreneur

    In addition to being a successful YouTuber, La Barrie also sold various items and clothing online.

  2. He loved to travel

    La Barrie loved traveling and Bali was his favorite holiday destination.

  3. He loved making music

    La Barrie has been on several tours with a few of his musician friends and enjoyed singing, even though he was not a professional at it.

  4. He was a tennis champion

    During his high school years, La Barrie was an exceptional tennis player and a two-time division tennis champion.

  5. He had three role model actors

    An aspiring actor himself, La Barrie’s favorite actors were Jason Statham, Heath Ledger, and Paul Walker.

Corey La Barrie FAQs

What was Corey La Barrie’s nationality?

La Barrie was American-Australian.

What are Corey La Barrie’s most viewed videos?

La Barrie’s most viewed videos are “Deleting This Video In 24 Hours…,” “Finish the Lyric W/ My Roommates,” “Try Not to Sing The Greatest Showman Challenge W/ Kian Lawley & Bobby Mares,” and “Roommates Confess Their Secrets.”

What happened to La Barrie on Twitch?

La Barrie released a video on May 9, 2020, to announce that he will be live-streaming on Twitch for his birthday.

Corey La Barrie’s birthday dates

2024May 10Friday
2025May 10Saturday
2026May 10Sunday
2027May 10Monday
2028May 10Wednesday

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