January 4th Birthdays

We have 5 birthdays listed for January 4.

January 4th is the fourth day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, former slave Solomon Northrup — who authored his bestselling memoir “Twelve Years a Slave” — gained his freedom, and the musical “Gypsy” closed on Broadway after 120 performances. Famous birthdays include Sir Isaac Newton, Tina Knowles, Louis Braille. January 4th also marks National Spaghetti Day and National Trivia Day.

Isaac Newton’s Birthday

He is arguably the greatest scientist of his generation and his works have shaped modern physics.


Jeannie Mai’s Birthday

This Emmy Award-winning host is taking over the entertainment and fashion industry.


Dafne Keen’s Birthday

The opportunities are unlimited for Dafne Keen, a young, brilliant rising star.