January 2nd Birthdays

January 2nd is the second day in the Gregorian calendar; it marks the anniversary of the Sri Lankan Civil War and the launch of Luna 1: the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the moon. Famous January 2nd birthdays include Kate Bosworth, Dax Shepard, and Isaac Asimov. January 2nd also marks National Science Fiction Day.

We have 7 birthdays listed for January 2.


Tfue’s Birthday

This record-breaking eSports gamer is still shooting his way to the top.


Will Kirby’s Birthday

This osteopathic physician, dermatologist, and T.V. star has taken center stage in reality T.V.


Taye Diggs’s Birthday

An actor, Broadway star, and role model, Diggs has left no stone unturned in his career.


London Charles’s Birthday

This reality star and model has never given up on her dreams, no matter what!


Dax Shepard’s Birthday

This talented comedian, actor, and director became famous due to his comedic films and television shows.


Colby Brock’s Birthday

For this multi-talented YouTube star, the sky is just his starting point.


Bryson Tiller’s Birthday

This multi-talented singer and songwriter has captured the hearts of millions around the world.