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Deck the Everything Day – November 1, 2024

Do you crave the glittery ornaments, cozy stockings and festive vibes of the holiday season, yet can’t bear to wait until December? Well, fret not. November 1st is Deck the Everything Day by HomeGoods! It’s your official green light to start decorating your home with holiday joy, even if the trees still have their leaves!

Whether you’re into giant nutcrackers, handcrafted wreaths or snowglobes galore, this is the time to let your festive flag fly high. And don’t just stop at the tree or the mantle. Deck your whole home. Deck your kitchen, your guest bedroom, your front porch and back patio. Deck the space under the stairs and above the cabinets. This is your day to Deck. It. All. And you can deck it all with an ever-changing wonderland of holiday finds for less from HomeGoods.

Deck the Everything Day timeline

Deck the Everything Day Arrives

Deck the Everything Day is created, celebrating the spirit of early holiday decorating.

Science Says Early Decorating = Happiness

Research shows that people who decorate early for the holidays are happier.

Rise of Shaming for Early Holiday Decorating

Social media leads to holiday enthusiasts being shamed for their passion for decorating early.

HomeGoods' Decor Debut

HomeGoods is founded, bringing holiday finds for all to enjoy.

Early Holiday Decorating Takes Off

Decorating early for the holidays gains momentum, with many starting to pull out their festive decor shortly after Halloween.

Holiday Decorating Hits the Big Time

Tinsel, aluminum trees, and inflatable decorations gain popularity across the nation.

300 AD
Romans Start Decking

The Romans embraced the concept of decking everything with laurel wreaths and candles during their winter celebrations.

Deck the Everything Day FAQs

What is Deck the Everything Day?

Deck the Everything Day celebrates and encourages early holiday decorating. This holiday is all about embracing the festive spirit and enthusiastically decking your home from top to bottom.

Why was Deck the Everything Day Created?

Deck the Everything Day was created to celebrate the pure, unbridled joy of decorating early for the holidays. It’s your official excuse to transform your space into a festive wonderland before the traditional start of the “holiday season.”

When is Deck The Everything Day?

Deck the Everything Day is celebrated on November 1st.

How can I celebrate Deck The Everything Day?

Starting on November 1st, decorate every surface, and bring the festive spirit to every nook and cranny of your home. Hang up the wreaths and garland, pull out the snowflakes and snow globes, and let your holiday cheer shine with shameless abandon. You can deck your walls, your bed, your dog’s bed, your porch, your neighbor’s porch (ask first!), your car (mini-nutcracker on the dashboard, anyone?) and everything in between. And you can discover more holiday magic for less at your local HomeGoods.

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