Trinity Trinity and Beyond

Trinity, born on October 7, 2012, may be young, but she’s already discovered the secret to becoming a successful YouTuber. After being featured on her family’s YouTube Channel “Beyond Family,” she quickly became very popular. So much so, that her own YouTube channel “Trinity  and Beyond Family” was created a few months later in October 2016. Her channel is family-friendly and she posts videos with her whole family. It became so successful that her dad was able to quit his job, and they now work full-time on producing content. This little girl is a star to be reckoned with, and we’ll help you celebrate her birthday today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Trinity Trinity and Beyond

Birth date:

October 7, 2012



Zodiac Sign:



4' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$8 million

Trinity's Social Media:


Comedy, challenges, pranks, and games are the keys to the “Trinity and Beyond Family” channel’s success, and it’s become one of the biggest sensations on YouTube. Trinity has made numerous videos with her younger sister Madison, who now has her own channel. The sisters starred in a series of videos titled “I Mailed Myself…,” which garnered millions of views each.

The channel was launched in October 2016 and often features her parents and siblings. The first video posted was “Elf on the Shelf” and “World’s Deadliest Fidget Spinner! Dangerous Tricks Went Terribly Wrong 1,000 mph + Free Giveaway” was the channel’s first video to receive over 10 million views. Her channel’s popularity soared and she’s gained over 7.6 million subscribers to date. Trinity and her family even moved to Los Angeles for several months to network with other YouTubers. In 2019, the family grew when her younger brother, Preston, was born.

Career timeline

The Rising Star

Trinity creates her own YouTube channel, "Trinity and Beyond Family."

The Fun Vacation

Trinity spends her summer holidays with her family at the Tautphaus Park FunLand.

The Dog Lover

The family rescue puppies from a storm drain.

The Advertisment Debut

Trinity and Madison feature in an advertisement for the “LOL Surprise Movie Magic Awards!”

Why We Love Trinity Trinity and Beyond

  1. Her infectious laugh

    Trinity is always smiling and laughing. This makes everyone around her smile and laugh too, and it's why her audience loves her so much.

  2. She's a makeup guru

    She loves makeup and has mastered the art of applying it! She even posted a tutorial where she does her mother's makeup.

  3. She is an amazing big sister

    Being the big sister can sometimes be challenging. However, Trinity is always willing to help her siblings, in addition to playing with them, treating them very well, and always making them laugh.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her favorite animal

    Her favorite animal is the sea lion.

  2. Her favorite movie

    Her favorite movie is "Abominable."

  3. Pranks that didn't end well

    Trinity has already broken three bones, thanks to a few pranks that did not go so well.

  4. Fun all the time

    What she likes most about school is recess time!

  5. Her favorite food

    She loves cheese quesadillas.

Trinity Trinity and Beyond FAQs

Where did Trinity and her family live before moving to Los Angeles?

They used to live in Idaho before making the move.

What is Trinity's favorite color?

She has two favorite colors, blue and purple!

What is Trinity's favorite video game?

She loves and is good at “Mario Kart” and “Roblox.”

Trinity Trinity and Beyond’s birthday dates

2024October 7Monday
2025October 7Tuesday
2026October 7Wednesday
2027October 7Thursday
2028October 7Saturday

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