Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts, born on October 7, 1992, began his career as a second baseman for the Boston Red Sox in the fifth round of the 2011 Major League Baseball draft. In addition, he was named A.L. Player of the Week for his outstanding performance. He became the first player to reach 200 hits in the M.L.B. All-Star Game. At the end of the season, he was named Defensive Player of the Year. A few years later, the right-fielder became the first and only player in Major League history to earn the Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, and A.L. M.V.P. awards in the same season. After joining the Los Angeles Dodgers, he has had 1,000 hits in his career. Let’s celebrate the birthday of the ninth World Series champion in baseball history!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Markus Lynn Betts



Birth date:

October 7, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$50 million

Markus's Social Media:


An American professional baseball right fielder, Mookie Betts, or Markus Lynn Betts, was born on October 7, 1992, in Tennessee, United States. His parents Willie Betts, a retired Air Force official, and Diana Benedict, a baseball coach, chose this name because they wanted it to be compatible with Major League Baseball. Betts’ mother took him to a coach when he was five years old to learn how to bowl. His parents split when he was 10, and he relocated to Brentwood, California, with his mother. His zodiac sign is Libra.

Betts was a standout basketball player throughout his high school career, earning M.V.P. of the District 12-AAA league his senior year while averaging 14.1 points, nine assists, four rebounds, and three steals per game, as well as Class AAA All-City Player of the Year for the Nashville, Tennessee metropolitan area. Betts was selected M.V.P. of the District 12-AAA tournament his junior year as well. Betts was also a standout bowler, winning the Tennessee boys Bowler of the Year award in 2010 with a 290. Betts’ abilities were so impressive that the Boston Red Sox selected him as a player in 2011. In 71 games, the athlete played second base and scored 267 points. Mookie received the title of Offensive and Breakout Player of the Year in 2013. He played in 66 regular-season games. Betts became the youngest Red Sox player to smash a grand slam in 2014 at the age of 21. For the previous 49 years, this record has stood unbroken. With 291 at-bats, 18 home runs, and 92 runs, he was named A.L. Player of the Week in 2015. Betts bowled in the 2015 and 2017 Professional Bowlers Association (P.B.A.) World Series of Bowling in Reno, Nevada. They selected the Red Sox player for his first M.L.B. All-Star Game in 2016. During this time, Betts became the first player to reach 200 hits. He was named Defensive Player Of The Year at the end of the season, becoming the only player in M.L.B. history to win the Most Valuable Player, Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, Batting Crown, and World Series in the same season while with the Red Sox, in 2018. The Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo wrote a column titled “Mookie Betts or Mike Trout: Who Gets the Nod?” on April 17, 2018, in which he compared Betts to Mike Trout, who was a two-time M.V.P. and was primarily regarded as baseball’s top player at the time. He won the 2019 CP3 P.B.A. Celebrity Invitational in February 2019, where he competed against professional bowler Tommy Jones. The right fielder signed the most lucrative contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers in February 2020. Betts hit 1,000 hits in his career a few months later, in August. He also became the ninth player in history to win the World Series.

This outstanding player is married to Brianna Hammonds. They’ve been together since high school and dated for over 10 years. In November 2018, the couple welcomed their first child, Kynlee Ivory. Betts eventually proposed in January 2021, and they married on December 1, 2021, at Rancho Palos Verdes’ Terranera Resort.

Career timeline

The Boston Red Sox Select Betts

Betts is drafted as a second baseman in the fifth round of the 2011 Major League Baseball draft by the Boston Red Sox.

Betts Hits a Grand Slam

On August 29, at the age of 21, Betts smashes his first career grand slam against Rays pitcher Chris Archer in a Red Sox victory at Tropicana Field, making him the team's youngest grand slam hitter in 49 years.

He Becomes A.L. Player of the Week

He earns the title of A.L. Player of the Week for his excellent performance against the Brewers and Rays, ending the week on June 21.

Betts is in M.L.B. All-Star Game

Betts is named to his first M.L.B. All-Star Game and is named A.L. Player of the Month for July for the second time.

He Produces Four Three-Homer Games

He becomes the only player in M.L.B. history to hit four three-run home runs before turning 26.

He Joins the Los Angeles Dodgers

He joins the Los Angeles Dodgers in February with the biggest deal, hitting 1,000 hits in August a few months later and becoming the ninth player to win multiple World Series trophies.

Why We Love Mookie Betts

  1. He is a charitable man

    Betts established a foundation to assist during the pandemic, which provided relief supplies, over 27,000 meals with water, and other giveaways. He expressed his gratitude by saying that God has provided him with so much and that he would like to share what he has with others. He gets pleasure from making others happy.

  2. He has a true love

    Since he was a teenager, he has been with Brianna, demonstrating his undying love for her. Betts refers to her as his best friend, the mother of his child, and the love of his life. He expresses his gratitude by noting that his wife was with him throughout.

  3. He is a hard worker

    His achievement is unquestionably the outcome of his dedication to his passion. He believes that to achieve greatness, one must continue to work hard.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has the B.M.W. 7 series

    Betts has a B.M.W. 7 series luxury in his basement, which costs $86,000, as well as a $59,000 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

  2. Betts’ cousin is Meghan Markle

    During a game in London against the New York Yankees, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's wife, met her distant cousin, Betts.

  3. He went into movie acting

    Betts embarked on a new career path in 2021, appearing in a film titled "The Day Sports Stood Still."

  4. He is a fan of this chef

    Betts admires Salt Bae, a Turkish butcher, chef, food entertainer, restaurateur, and world-class cooking specialist.

  5. Terry Shumpert is his uncle

    Betts' mother's brother, Terry Shumpert, is an American baseball player who taught Betts about bowling.

Mookie Betts FAQs

What is the necklace that Mookie Betts wears?

Betts wears a bat-and-ball necklace that was given to him by Griffin Cantrell, a 13-year-old Red Sox fan from Paducah, Ky. Cantrell gave it to him in person before a Red Sox exhibition game in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Is Mookie Betts a Hall of Famer?

In M.L.B. history, 22 position players have collected at least 50 WARs in their first eight seasons. Mookie Betts is one of four players in this group who has yet to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

What is on Mookie Betts necklace?

Mookie Betts is obsessed with jewelry. So when he graduated from high school and was drafted by the Red Sox in 2011, he received a wonderful gift. Betts pointed to the enormous gold chain around his neck and stated, “This one was my dad’s, and I never take it off.”

Mookie Betts’s birthday dates

2024October 7Monday
2025October 7Tuesday
2026October 7Wednesday
2027October 7Thursday
2028October 7Saturday

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