Stormi Webster

Stormi Webster, born on February 1, 2018, in Los Angeles, California, is the daughter of make-up mogul Kylie Jenner and American rapper Travis Scott. Only five years old, this little superstar has already garnered more fame for just being herself than most of us will in a lifetime. Constantly featuring on her mom’s Instagram dressed to the nines, Webster is always in outfits that put the rest of us to shame. The fashion icon has set Twitter aflame several times and made headlines over the years, with the internet falling in love with her personality.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Stormi Webster

Birth date:

February 1, 2018



Zodiac Sign:



3' 8"

Net Worth:

$750 million


Stormi Webster was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 1, 2018. She is the daughter of beauty mogul Kylie Jenner and rapper Jacques Berman Webster II, known as Travis Scott. Stormi has one younger brother, Wolf. Despite her young age and the lack of a prominent social media presence (she only features on her mom’s Instagram account), she’s managed to amass quite the following – Stormi is already winning at life. Applauded for her sunny disposition and overall good manners, the young trendsetter has made a name for herself over the years.

One instance that stood out was when Stormi, aged two, passed a challenge trending on social media with flying colors. The challenge saw parents leave their toddlers unattended with candy, but not before asking them not to touch it. In the video challenge released by Kylie, Stormi could be seen chanting “Patience, patience…” when her mother left the room, as she resolved not to touch the chocolates in front of her. She was commended for showing immense restraint despite her well-documented love of chocolate. This little mama is going places if you ask us.

It’s not just willpower that Stormi has got in spades. She’s also proven herself a fashion icon, sporting everything from laid-back looks consisting of an oversized t-shirt and Nikes to more extravagant bedazzled mermaid outfits. Stormi is constantly making headlines, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be slowing down.

Career timeline

The Star is Born

Stormi is born at 4:43 PM PST on February 1, and the world is changed forever.

The First Epic Birthday Party

Stormi gets her first birthday party, aptly named ‘Stormi’ World. And it’s an extravagant affair.

The Trend on Twitter

Stormi is lauded for her good manners on Twitter when Kylie posts a video of the two of them baking cupcakes.

Yet Another Headline

Having just been blessed with a baby brother, Stormi makes headlines yet again, as the internet commends the toddler for helping out with her baby brother.

Why We Love Stormi Webster

  1. She’s all about the support

    Stormi can be seen in several videos encouragingly telling her mom, “you’ve got this.” She is such an inspiring little girl.

  2. She is always polite

    Stormi has trended on Twitter simply for having good manners. We are hopeful that she will continue to grow with this level of etiquette.

  3. She is super stylish

    Even Kylie Jenner admits that the best-dressed person she knows is Stormi Webster. We are going to ignore the fact that she’s her mom because we agree.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. There’s a collection inspired by her

    Kylie Cosmetics’ weather collection was inspired by Stormi when she was only a few weeks old.

  2. Most liked post ever

    Back in 2018, Stormi’s baby picture garnered over 13.8 million likes and was considered at the time to be the most-liked post on Instagram.

  3. Trolls was once her favorite cartoon

    “Trolls” used to be Webster’s favorite animated film, and she knew every word to the soundtrack.

  4. She has her own school bus

    Apparently, Webster had been talking about riding a school bus for a while, and her father, Travis Scott surprised her with a big yellow bus.

  5. She loves breakfast potatoes

    To be fair, who doesn’t love breakfast potatoes and potatoes of any kind?

Stormi Webster FAQs

Does Stormi mean butterfly?

Stormi is actually derived from the word storm.

Why does Stormi have the last name Webster?

Her father Travis Scott’s real name is Jacques Berman Webster II.

What is Stormi Webster’s middle name?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott did not give Stormi Webster a middle name.

Stormi Webster’s birthday dates

2025February 1Saturday
2026February 1Sunday
2027February 1Monday
2028February 1Tuesday
2029February 1Thursday

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