Nick Hounslow

Nick Hounslow, born on February 25, 1980, is a celebrity trainer, fitness guru, and actor. He left his home just outside of London at the age of 18 to pursue a modeling career and has since worked in London, Milan, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. “Bello Mag,” “Men’s Fitness,” “L’Uomo Vogue” (Italy), “Runner’s World,” and “Zooey Magazine” have all featured him in print and online publications. Crest, Taco Bell, Fiat, Cadillac, and L’Oreal alongside supermodel Claudia Schiffer are among Hounslow’s commercials. Hounslow has also participated in music videos by Britney Spears and Hilary Duff. He has also been on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, “The Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno,” and “The Catch.”

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Nick Hounslow



Birth date:

February 25, 1980



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Nick's Social Media:


Nick Hounslow is a well-known model, actor, personal trainer, and television personality. He is also well-known throughout the world as a top-notch fitness trainer.

In addition, he is most known for his appearances on shows such as “The Catch” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Hounslow has also appeared in several films and television shows. He has even worked as a fitness trainer in several films and has worked with well-known actors. He has also promoted various brands and amassed considerable wealth as a result of this. Hounslow has quickly risen to become a prominent fitness trainer in his area.

Hounslow was born in the United Kingdom on February 25, 1980. Bob Hounslow, his father, was the former owner of Classic Wedding Cars of Ashby. He also worked for the Royal Air Forces Association between 2007 and 2014. He also has a sister, Charlie Hounslow, who is a makeup and prosthetics artist. She is a compassionate sister as well as a best friend. She is also linked to movies and television shows. Hounslow has not spoken about his mother, but his father posted a photo of her on his Instagram account. Hounslow began his education at a small elementary school in his hometown. He has always been bright and had a desire to become renowned since he was a child, and he succeeded. He left home when he was just 18 years old to pursue a modeling career. He then worked in London, Paris, Milan, New York, and Los Angeles on a global scale.

He was featured in many well-known publications, including “Bello Mag,” “Runner’s World,” “Men’s Fitness,” “L’Uomo,” and “Zooey Magazine,” for his work. He achieved such accomplishment as a result of his persistent effort for his fitness and body. Hounslow was only thinking about getting a good body figure for his modeling profession at the time, and we all know how crucial a body figure is in the modeling industry. Looking at this, he was doing everything he could to ensure that he met all of the requirements for being a model. When he became more well-known, he drew a large number of admirers. He partnered with supermodel Claudia Schiffer to promote a variety of businesses, including Crest, Taco Bell, Fiat, Cadillac, and L’Oreal. Hounslow has also starred in some music videos, including Hilary Duff’s “Strange” and Britney Spears’ “Radar.” On television, Hounslow has appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “The Catch,” and “The Jay Leno Show.” He recently worked with Warner Bros. on a project. He is currently employed by Discover Management in Los Angeles, California, as an actor. He also works as an actor for HRi Talent. He previously worked at L.A. Models and is now based in Los Angeles, California.

Career timeline

Hounslow’s Stint with the Air Force

He works at the Royal Air Forces Association for seven years.

His First Appearance Big Screen Appearance

He makes his professional acting debut in the short "Moon Lake Casino."

He Appears on “Con Man”

He appears in several films and television productions, notably the T.V. series "Con Man.”

He Stars in “Christmas With a Price”

He is most recognized for his role as Prince Alexander in the television movie "Christmas With a Prince."

Why We Love Nick Hounslow

  1. He is dedicated and committed

    Hounslow is a rising fitness trainer who shows no signs of slowing down. He works in a variety of places and is in charge of his life. Hounslow is an inspiration and a perfect fit for many fitness buffs. He even abandoned his home in pursuit of his dream.

  2. Health is a mental state for him

    It is not tough to get in workouts and eat healthy meals if one is determined to get healthy and be the best version of themselves. Hounslow enjoys working out and staying active because it helps him decompress. From the inside out, it is excellent for him and everyone.

  3. He teaches what he preaches

    Hounslow believes in staying physically active and fit! However, he doesn't merely talk about it, he even teaches spin classes at Cycle House.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Hounslow is a pet lover

    He is a dog enthusiast and he has a lovely black dog that he adores; he enjoys spending time with him and sharing photos of their time together.

  2. He enjoys reading Roald Dahl’s books

    Dahl's “George’s Marvelous Medicine” is his favorite book.

  3. He is a wanderlust

    Hounslow is an outgoing individual who has traveled extensively around the world.

  4. He faced bullies as a teenager

    He was bullied as a teen because he was overweight; he decided to educate himself, study everything he could, and figure out how to change his life from the inside out.

  5. He dreams of working with Ryan Murphy

    He would love to collaborate and work with the prominent writer, Murphy.

Nick Hounslow FAQs

Does Nick Hounslow have siblings?

Yes, Charlie Hounslow, Hounslow’s sister, works as a makeup/hair and prosthetic artist.

Is he married?

No, he is not married as yet and has kept his life private from the media.

When did Nick Hounslow leave his house?

Hounslow left his home at the age of 18 and concentrated entirely on his physique during this time to become a desirable model.

Nick Hounslow’s birthday dates

2025February 25Tuesday
2026February 25Wednesday
2027February 25Thursday
2028February 25Friday
2029February 25Sunday

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