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Maci DeShane Bookout, born August 10, 1991, is a very well-known name to anyone watching “Teen Moms.” She has become a household name in reality T.V. She has been encouraging young ladies around the globe who go through teenage pregnancy on how to cope. She is a qualified journalist. This hardworking talent has raised awareness of teenage pregnancy, and we think it’s good for people to know how to get through it when and if it happens. Today we’ll help you celebrate her special day as we acknowledge the woman that she is.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Maci DeShane Bookout

Birth date:

August 10, 1991



Zodiac Sign:



5' 2.9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$3 million

Maci's Social Media:


Maci Bookout, daughter of Gene and Sharon Bookout, was raised by a single mom and has a brother by the name of Matt Bookout. Bookout was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was quite a skilled softball player and cheerleader during her early days before fame.

Bookout is famously known as a reality T.V. star from the show “Teen Moms.” Bookout made her first reality T.V. appearance on “16 and Pregnant” in 2009 before later being cast in “Teen Moms” in the same year. The show revolved around teenage moms, documenting their pregnancies and their first few months of motherhood. In the fifth season of “Teen Moms,” which was renamed “Teen Moms O.G,” she appeared featuring other moms such as Catelynn Baltierra, Amber Portwood, and Farrah Abraham. Apart from shows about being a young mom, Bookout made an appearance in “Naked and Afraid,” although she only lasted two days on the show before quitting. More so, Bookout is an author and her first book had many hooked, titled “Bulletproof.” She has indeed made it big in the writing industry as well, with readers giving good reviews of her work. She’s been a very busy mom and wife, and together with the support of her husband they have their own clothing brand by the name “T.T.M.,” which stands for “Things That Matter.”

Bookout has been in a relationship with Ryan Edwards and they had a son by the name of Bentley Cadence Edwards. Bentley Edwards is Bookout’s first child whom she had in her teenage years. Later she went on to commit to a relationship with Taylor McKinney after her split with Edwards. The couple tied the knot together and started a family with their two children, Jayde and Maverick.

Career timeline

Bookout Births Her First Child

She gets pregnant at 16 years old with Ryan Edward's baby, and they name him Bentley Cadence Edwards.

Her First Reality T.V. Appearance

She makes an appearance in "16 and Pregnant," receiving public attention.

Bookout Releases Her First Book

She releases her very first book which she titles "Bulletproof," introducing herself as an author as well.

She Appears On "Naked and Afraid"

Bookout shows face for two days in this show that is filmed based on an attempt to survive in the wilderness for 14 days.

Why We Love Maci Bookout

  1. She's an inspiration

    Being on the show "Teen Moms" was never about fame or financial gains, Maci has inspired many with her story. Her story has changed countless lives, from encouraging teens to use birth control from a young age and inspiring moms to go back to school and follow that dream they've always wanted.

  2. She's a hard worker

    Being a mom in your teens is probably one of the hardest things to survive but you have to keep on trying until you get it right. Bookout, despite being a mom at a young age, was able to eventually make a life for herself and her baby.

  3. She's beautiful

    It's always good to acknowledge the beauty of other people and we will not be shy to point out that Bookout is one hot mom. Her facial features and her body tie in just right with her personality, she is beautiful both inside and out and this is another reason why we are all so hooked to our screens.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Rap music is her go-to

    Her love for rap music goes as far as getting herself a friend in the industry, by the name Machine Gun Kelly.

  2. She loves football

    She has an obsession with football and she's one of the biggest fans of Tennessee Volunteers.

  3. Money isn't her motivation

    Unlike many who are driven by financial rewards, Maci is driven by the hearts she inspires and knowing that her message had an impact on someone's life.

  4. She's obsessed with her Wrangler

    She's so obsessed with her Jeep Wrangler that she opted for a ride in it for Mother's Day after being asked what she'd like.

  5. She owns a million-dollar home

    Maci and her husband stay together in Ooltewah, Tennessee, in their million-dollar home.

Maci Bookout FAQs

Does she have lip fillers?

Maci Bookout has only revealed that she’s had Botox done.

How many books has she written?

She has written four books thus far namely, “Bulletproof,” “I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof: Lessons I’ve Learned,” “The Battle Upstairs: Poetry Book,” and “The Maci and Taylor Wedding Album: An Adult.”

How much does Bookout earn?

As one of the original moms, she earns approximately $500,000 per season.

Maci Bookout’s birthday dates

2024August 10Saturday
2025August 10Sunday
2026August 10Monday
2027August 10Tuesday
2028August 10Thursday

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