Kota ASMR was born on October 14, 2002, in Alabama. While not much information regarding the YouTube sensation’s family and life has been revealed, her zodiac sign sure does tell us a lot about her. Being a Libra, she is friendly, charming, and intelligent. However, the Libra quality that suits her best is her desire to attain balance, harmony, and peace. This, of course, is evident from the A.S.M.R. videos she uploads that aim to destress and provide relief to her followers. Read on to find out why she is so popular.

Fast Facts

Full Name:


Birth date:

October 14, 2002



Zodiac Sign:


Net Worth:

$22.4 thousand

Kota's Social Media:


Kota ASMR is a YouTube sensation who has over 71,300 subscribers on her channel since 2018. What’s so special about her, you ask? Well, she produces A.S.M.R. content and is among the top A.S.M.R. artists on social media. While people from the older generation may not be aware of A.S.M.R., the therapy has become a success among the youth. A.S.M.R. (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a term that was coined in 2010 but has become a trend nowadays due to the “brain massage” it triggers through the use of sight and sound. The sensation starts at the scalp and slowly moves towards the neck and upper spine. The tingling sensations trigger a sense of euphoria in the body, hence healing people of stress and anxiety.

Many people with insomnia often watch A.S.M.R. videos to soothe their minds and achieve slumber without using sleeping pills. Now that we know what A.S.M.R. is, let’s look at who A.S.M.R. artists are and how Kota ASMR achieved such a huge audience within a few years.

YouTube A.S.M.R. artists such as her are individuals who use the platform to release content that includes A.S.M.R. triggers. Some of these triggers include speaking in a soft voice, using repetitive sounds, specific hand movements, certain types of music, and others. As seen on her channel, these triggers can be carefully planted in various videos including unboxing videos, haul videos, and make-up tutorials.

Career timeline

She Launches on YouTube

Kota ASMR launches her YouTube channel.

Her Smooth Skin Tips Become Popular

Her A.S.M.R. night-time skincare routine video on YouTube gets 54,000 views.

She Nails It

Her A.S.M.R. press-on nail collection receives over 57,000 views.

She Brings on the Scents

She uploads a video of her favorite scents from Bath and Body Works.

Why We Love Kota ASMR

  1. She is inspirational

    She is inspirational since she is merely a teenager, and yet she has achieved so much. This includes love from the public and an income that seems to be increasing.

  2. She helps her followers relax

    Her videos are loved and watched by many. This is because they help people relax, deal with stress, and manage depression and anxiety.

  3. She provides helpful make-up tips

    Amongst the most popular videos are the ones that revolve around different make-up tutorials, tips, and tricks. These videos are helpful for those willing to learn the art.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She loves pinks and nudes

    Kota ASMR mostly wears light lip shades in her videos — this includes colors such as pink and nude.

  2. She has a high number of views

    The highest daily views of her channel are 10,700.

  3. She earns the bucks

    She is estimated to earn around $204 daily.

  4. Her yearly earnings are good

    She makes $9,044 from YouTube each year.

  5. She is constantly uploading

    She has uploaded 232 videos so far.


How much do A.S.M.R. artists make?

A.S.M.R. artists in partnerships can make thousands per click.

Who is the best A.S.M.R. artist ever?

Maria Viktorovna is one of the most famous A.S.M.R. artists.

What’s the most popular A.S.M.R. video?

A.S.M.R. videos that help people sleep are the most popular.

Kota ASMR’s birthday dates

2024October 14Monday
2025October 14Tuesday
2026October 14Wednesday
2027October 14Thursday
2028October 14Saturday

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