Carol Capel

Carol Capel was born on October 14, 1988, in Brazil. She is a social media star who is famous for her eponymous YouTube channel. Capel gained popularity through her travel vlog, in which her time living in the United States as a Brazilian national and English teacher is documented. She has also lived in Brazil and frequently vlogged alongside her husband on YouTube. People often liken her to Taciele Alcolea, a famous Brazilian YouTuber known for travel vlogging.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Carol Cape

Birth date:

October 14, 1988



Zodiac Sign:


Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Carol's Social Media:


Carol Capel is 33 and will celebrate her 34th birthday on October 14, 2022. Astrologers have found her zodiac sign, Libra, to be one of the coolest. Balance is vital to Libras, and they often aim to establish equilibrium, peace, and justice in their day-to-day lives. They often struggle with indecision as they seek outside counsel and care too much about people’s opinions. However, they will do well to listen to their inner voice. Since they try to keep everyone happy, they may get burnt out when they try to please everyone. They are signs of the air and love to be around people and all things beautiful.

Capel was born in the Year of the Dragon, the fifth of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon are energetic, healthy, and have the gift of good fortune and good luck. Their charismatic and dominant dispositions make them natural leaders. They are often start-up founders, politicians, and military commanders, even though they might experience difficulties navigating interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Dragon-borns have innate courage, tenacity, and intelligence; they are not afraid of challenges and are willing to take risks. These admirable traits make it easy for them to have stable, mutually fulfilling relationships.

Capel has seen her YouTube channel grow to more than 2.1 million subscribers showcasing different aspects of her day-to-day life as a Brazilian girl in the United States. Her Instagram account has also witnessed tremendous growth, earning more than 600,000 followers in a short period. On her channel, she discusses the world’s greatest mysteries, great conspiracies, celebrity conspiracies, and aliens; Capel explains the occult in a way that will shatter your dreams.

Career timeline

Her Channel Debuts

Capel debuts her channel on her Youtube account, created in 2008.

Her First Video Launches

She releases a few videos following the launch of her channel.

She Achieves Youtube Stardom

Everything changes for Capell when she begins to produce other types of content, such as travel tips to mysterious and supernatural cases that generate interest.

She Becomes Youtube Royalty

Capel makes her mark in the Youtube entertainment industry with over 130 million video views.

Why We Love Carol Capel

  1. She is hard working

    Capel means business when it comes to her successful YouTube channels. Maintaining her teaching career and massive online followership is no easy feat; however, she manages to balance them all.

  2. She is multilingual

    Carol Capel speaks several languages, including Spanish, Polish, English, and Portuguese. This skill has helped her acquire teaching jobs on her travels.

  3. She is entertaining

    Capel is a mystery researcher and ufology enthusiast. She has read more than 350 books on the subject; her knowledge makes her videos quite engaging.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her birthstone is Tourmaline

    The Tourmaline stones come in various colors ― sometimes green, red, or black; some people use these beautiful stones for reconciliation, protection, and cleansing.

  2. She is quite a hobbyist

    Youtube isn't where all Carol’s interests end; she also enjoys reading, photography, learning, traveling, and internet surfing, to name a few.

  3. She was born on a Friday

    People born on Fridays usually have attractive personalities; they radiate their energy and are highly sociable and artistic.

  4. Her life path number is five

    People with life path number five are creative and innovative; they often end up as artists, reporters, musicians, or even travel agents.

  5. Her birth flower is the marigold

    These golden buds are often linked to positive emotions and energy and represent the power, strength, and light that live inside a person.

Carol Capel FAQs

Is Carol Capel married?

Yes, she is married and has frequently vlogged alongside her husband on her YouTube channel.

How much does Carol Capel earn?

According to her YouTube views, she earns about $3,000 every 30 days; however, there is no information on what she makes as a teacher.

Did Carol Capel go to school?

Yes, she did. Carol has a degree in Business Finance, a postgraduate degree in Marketing, and a Masters in International Finance and Management.

Carol Capel’s birthday dates

2024October 14Monday
2025October 14Tuesday
2026October 14Wednesday
2027October 14Thursday
2028October 14Saturday

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