Kanye West

Kanye West was born on June 8, 1977. He first rose to prominence in the music industry as a producer. West displayed rap skills in “College Dropout,” his 2004 debut album. Albums like “Late Registration (2005),” “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010),” “Yeezus (2013),” and “Yeezus (2014)” secured his spot in the world of hip-hop. He’s a Grammy Award winner and is known for his award show antics, fashion sense, and marriage to Kim Kardashian. West’s beats have tongue-twisting raps and outspoken confidence. His dapper fashion sense sets him apart from many rappers. West wears a rucksack and a vividly colored polo shirt. It’s his special day today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kanye Omari West


Ye, Yeezy

Birth date:

June 8, 1977



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.8 billion

Kanye's Social Media:


Kanye Omari West was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. His parents divorced when he was three years old. West and his mother relocated to Chicago, Illinois. West grew up in a middle-class family in suburban Oak Lawn, Illinois, and attended Polaris High School. He demonstrated an affinity for the arts at an early age. At five, West was writing poetry. His mother noticed his interest in painting and music when West was in third grade. West wrote the rap song ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ at 13. He got his mother to pay for studio time.

His musical career has stylistic shifts. Its influences range from soul, baroque, pop, electro, indie rock, synth-pop, industrial, and gospel. Throughout his career, West has influenced cultural movements and progressions within mainstream hip-hop and popular music at large. West rose to fame as a producer for Roc-A-Fella Records in the early 2000s. He recorded hit singles for artists like Jay-Z, Ludacris, and Alicia Keys. West formed the record label GOOD Music. He released his debut album, “The College Dropout,” in 2004, to widespread critical and financial acclaim. West’s outspoken opinions and personal life have gotten a lot of publicity. His behavior at award presentations, on social media, and in other public settings, as well as his remarks on the music and fashion industries, and U.S. politics have all sparked controversy.

As a fashion designer, West has worked with Nike, Louis Vuitton, and A.P.C. on clothing and footwear. His most prominent collaboration was the Yeezy with Adidas. It began in 2013. He is the owner and C.E.O. of Donda, a creative content agency. With over 135 million records sold worldwide, West is one of the most critically regarded musicians of the twenty-first century and one of the best-selling music artists of all time. West has 21 Grammy Awards, making him one of the most prestigious performers of all time and the most Grammy-awarded artist of his generation.

His marriage to reality T.V. star Kim Kardashian drew a lot of media attention. The pair first met in the early 2000s but became friends in 2008. They started dating in 2011 and had their daughter in 2013. They wedded in 2014. After their wedding, they welcomed three more children ― Saint, Psalm, and Chicago. They announced their divorce in January 2021. Kardashian officially filed for divorce in February 2021. On March 2, 2022, the court declared them legally separated amid divorce proceedings.

Career timeline

His First Official Mixtape Debuts

“Get Well Soon” is released.

His First Album Debuts

West releases “The College Dropout.”

His Grammy Performance

West wins big at his first Grammys; he performs ‘Jesus Walks’ and makes an epic acceptance speech.

His Fashion Brand Launches

West launches his fashion line, which becomes famous for its collaboration and sneakers designs.

He Releases a Short Film

West releases “We Were Once A Fairytale.”

Website Launch

West launches his website.

‘Man of the Year’

West is M.T.V.'s ‘Man of the Year.’

Why We Love Kanye West

  1. He supports the Black community

    He's an advocate for black lives and the importance of their place in society. He founded organizations and groups like the Donda Foundation. West gave underprivileged youths access to musical education. He also carried out countless fundraisers, benefit concerts, and charity runs.

  2. He’s a philanthropist

    As part of his humanitarian endeavors, West established the Kanye West Foundation. It provides educational opportunities for African-American and Latino youths.

  3. He’s a great artist

    He’s successful and influential. West hits every mark that makes him one of the greatest artists of all time.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. West is a college dropout

    West embraced who he was rather than trying to be something he is not.

  2. He has won 21 Grammys

    He has won ‘Best Rap Song’ and ‘Best Rap Performance,’ among others.

  3. He invested in Burger King

    West owns 10 Burger King franchises in Europe.

  4. Micheal Jackson liked him

    Jackson admired West and liked his style.

  5. He wanted to be a pornstar

    West considered becoming a male porn star in the past.

Kanye West FAQs

How old was Kanye West when he was signed?

West’s first official production credits were at 19. He produced eight tracks for Grav, a local Chicago rapper.

Are Jay-z and Kanye still friends?

Yes, they are friends.

Was Kanye West an only child?

West is the only child of his mother. He has two step-siblings from his father’s second marriage.

Kanye West’s birthday dates

2025June 8Sunday
2026June 8Monday
2027June 8Tuesday
2028June 8Thursday
2029June 8Friday

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