Jace, or Jason Vincent Harris, was born on May 26, 1989, in Atlanta, the United States. Jace is a rapper who began earning major attention from major music media outlets as a member of the southern hip-hop collective Two-9; they’re known for singles like ‘Where The Money At?’ Jace received critical acclaim in 2016 with the release of his solo mixtape “Jace Tape.”

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jason Vincent Harris



Birth date:

May 26, 1989



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Jason Vincent Harris was born on May 26, 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Jace became “Rapper Jace” after graduating from high school, as instructed by his manager. He was a member of the rowdy Atlanta hip-hop collaborative Two-9, created in 2009 by anime and skateboard culture fans Curtis Williams, Maurice Reese Williams, and Key. Jace’s style embodies the culture that the group symbolizes. The feisty group from East Atlanta has made it their mission to reinvent today’s music landscape. In 2014, the group secured a joint agreement with Mike WiLL.

In 2015, Two-9 released another mixtape, “B4 FRVR,” and a trilogy of E.P.’s with popular titles. The first official full-length for EarDruma/Interscope was released in 2017. “FRVR” contained the hit ‘Rackades,’ as well as cameos by Black Boe, Chico, and ManMan Savage. Each affiliated performer under the Two-9 moniker has taken distinct steps to impact the rap industry by pursuing a solo career. Jace, who travels between Atlanta and his hometown of New York, has established quite a name for himself. His poetic abilities are a force to be reckoned with, and he is unquestionably the group’s best spitter. Jace’s unmistakable sound proudly tap dances on the edges of the music genre, collaborating with Key!, Curtis Williams, Bosco, and Lil Dicky.

Jace has consistently put his best foot forward as he promotes himself as a solo artist. However, it’s been a while since his fans heard new work from Jace, whether solo or part of Two-9. He’s recently teased a ton of new music. He blessed fans with ‘I.T.Y.B.’ earlier this year before releasing his duet with Metro Boomin, ‘Metro Intro.’ Jace released his latest project, “#FreeJace,” in 2019, following the release of his two songs. It’s a small project with only seven new tracks, but it’s a reasonable effort that finds him collaborating with some of the game’s best producers. Metro Boomin is one of them, but he also enlists Kenny Beats, who not only created ‘I.T.Y.B.’ but also ‘Still Alive.’

Career timeline

A Collaboration Between Friends

He becomes part of the group called Two-9.

His Debut Track

In July, the group releases the mixtape "Two-9 Forever."

The Rise to the Top

They are named one of ComplexMusic's ‘25 New Rappers to Watch.’

The Constant Fame

Two-9 performs at the second Trillectro Music Festival in Washington, alongside A$AP Ferg, Wale, Casey Veggies, and Travis Scott.

A Platinum Artist

He receives his first-ever platinum award, according to his post on Instagram.

Why We Love Jace

  1. He is optimistic

    He doesn't care if people dislike his music or him as a person. He asserts in an interview with "Headkrack" that he is a happy person focused on his job and the affection he receives from his followers. When trying to unlock the swag, the most important thing for him is to not listen to anyone else except himself.

  2. He is devoted to his group

    He said they are committed to whether or not this music thing works out. They will be present at his wedding and become acquainted with his children, "because Two-9, we're attempting to build a legacy that will last forever."

  3. He is goal oriented

    His own goal is to be creative and generate music to sustain himself; any other accomplishments are a bonus. He wants to keep working with his pals and win a Grammy.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was a young rapper

    After earning his first platinum medal, he reflected on how he began rapping at 15 and couldn't believe he had achieved his goals.

  2. He is good at math

    In an interview, he describes how the group Two-9 got its name from two integers greater than zero.

  3. Jace's Controversy

    Drake allegedly took the rhythms for 'No Telling' and '6 God' from his latest release, 'I.Y.R.T.I.T.L.,' according to Jace.

  4. He prefers working for female artists

    In a podcast, he stated that composing for female musicians gave him the freedom to write about anything.

  5. He discovered rap for himself

    He didn't listen to much radio when he was younger since his father raised him to be different than the typical Atlanta teenager.

Jace FAQs

What's Jace's relationship with Mike WiLL Made-It?

They are friends; they work openly and are creatively free.

When did he get into Southern rap?

He was introduced to Southern music between the ages of nine and 11 whenever Lil’ Jon and The Eastside Boys performed.

What's the dynamic of Two-9 and Jace?

Most of it has been motivated by his fraternal relationship with his gang.

Jace’s birthday dates

2024May 26Sunday
2025May 26Monday
2026May 26Tuesday
2027May 26Wednesday
2028May 26Friday

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