Harry Raftus

Harry Raftus, born on December 13, 2000, is a Canadian Instagram star and social media personality. He is famous for his comic videos with his friends on Instagram and TikTok. Presently, Raftus has a strong media presence with over two million followers across his social media platforms. He is a really funny, loving, and charismatic guy, which is why we’re celebrating his birthday today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Harry Raftus

Birth date:

December 13, 2000



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Harry's Social Media:


Harry Raftus, born on December 13, 2000, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a successful Instagram and TikTok star. His originality and charming personality have earned him millions of followers on social media. He is famous for showcasing online his college and fraternity lifestyle. He started his YouTube channel in 2020. His first video was titled “Somebody broke our table…so we played 2v2 for a new one.” His Instagram and Tiktok followers have numbered 500,000 and one million, respectively. He has promoted content for companies like Bumble, Houseparty, and HeardWell. He has run musical campaigns for artists such as The Weeknd and DJ Snake. He is currently a student at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts pursuing a degree in public relations and advertising.

Raftus is the president and founder of “FACE-OFF Drinking Game,” a card game played in teams and is especially intended for social gatherings. He has collaborated with ChugBud, the viral drinking apparatus. He has also launched a RAFTUS branded product. Nowadays, Raftus is looking to pursue a career as a model and lives in Los Angeles. He shares his work as a model on Instagram and almost every photo he posts on the social network is taken by his best friend Charlie Hoberman. Raftus is single and has no plans yet of settling down.

Career timeline


Raftus creates his YouTube channel.

Setting His Sights on Modeling

Raftus posts his first picture on Instagram with plans to embark on a modeling career.


Raftus creates his TikTok account.

A Professional Project

Raftus releases a physical drinking game that is sold on Amazon.

Why We Love Harry Raftus

  1. He contributes to fundraisers

    He is a philanthropist at heart. In 2019, he contributed significantly to a fundraising project for the American Cancer Society.

  2. He’s an animal lover

    He loves animals, especially cats and dogs. He has a dog named Fraternity.

  3. He’s working towards his dreams

    Raftus has always dreamed of becoming a model. He never gave up and even left his country to follow his dream.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is athletic

    Raftus is a rugby player.

  2. His many hobbies

    Raftus enjoys swimming, snorkeling, camping, and skiing.

  3. He was an office administrator

    While still in high school, he worked for Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. where he researched and wrote government presentations for traders.

  4. A fraternity member

    Raftus is a member of the international social fraternity Chapmen’s Phi Delta Theta, California Phi.

  5. A TikTok video

    Raftus posted a TikTok video with the Kanye West song ‘Praise God’ in September 2021.

Harry Raftus FAQs

What does Harry Raftus do?

Aside from being a model and social media star, Raftus is a successful businessman.

Who is Harry Raftus’ ex-girlfriend?

Raftus’ ex-girlfriend is Gabi Alexander.

Does Harry Raftus have siblings?

No, Raftus is an only child.

Harry Raftus’s birthday dates

2024December 13Friday
2025December 13Saturday
2026December 13Sunday
2027December 13Monday
2028December 13Wednesday

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