GG Allin

GG Allin, born on August 29, 1956, was an American punk rock musician and songwriter. Allin was known for his extremely disturbing acts while on stage which was often attributed to his traumatic upbringing. Allin’s father was a religious fanatic who was very abusive to his family. After graduating from high school, Allin formed a band with his brother. He went on to release several songs until his death in 1993. We have compiled the information you need to know about Allin and celebrate his life.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kevin Michael Allin


The Madman of Manchester

Birth date:

August 29, 1956

Death date:

June 28, 1993 (age 36)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Net Worth:

$100 thousand

Kevin's Social Media:


GG Allin was an American punk rock musician and songwriter who was known for engaging in shocking acts, including self-mutilation and assaulting his audience during his stage performances.

Allin’s birth name was Jesus Christ, given to him by his father after claiming that Jesus had visited him and told him that his son would be great. Allin grew up alongside his older brother, Merle Jr, who was unable to pronounce the name “Jesus” properly and called him “Jeje” instead, which later became “GG.” Allin and his family lived in a log cabin in Groveton, New Hampshire with no electricity or water. The father was an abusive fanatic who threatened the family with death. According to Allin, his father wanted to kill his family in a murder-suicide.

In 1961, Allin’s parents divorced. His mother, Arleta took him and his brother to East St. Johnsbury and remarried. It was at this time that Allin developed an interest in music. He became a fan of popular bands in Britain including “Mott the Hoople” and “The Dave Clark Five.” In the early 1970s, GG started recording music with an acoustic guitar.

In 1975, Allin graduated from Concord High School and shortly after formed the band “Malpractice” alongside his older brother, a local musician called Jeff Penney, and a high school friend called Brian Demurs. Allin served as the drummer until the band separated in 1977. Three years later, Allin released his debut album called “Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be.” He went on to release more hit albums until his death on June 28, 1993.

Career timeline

His Earliest Reecordings

Allin records his first music using only an acoustic guitar.

Allin Forms His First Band

Allin forms his first band alongside his older brother and two friends and calls it Malpractice.

Allin Joins a New Band

It was while he was the front man for the Jabbers that Allin wrote most of his well-known songs.

He Releases His Debut Album

Allin releases his debut album titled, ”Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be” for Orange Records.

Why We Love GG Allin

  1. He was a survivor

    Allin was raised by an abusive father. He constantly threatened his family with death and created a traumatic environment for everyone. Allin lived through this trauma.

  2. He was talented

    Allin was a talented musician. He had amassed a huge following of more than a million fans.

  3. He cared about his brother

    Allin was raised alongside his brother. They formed a strong bond and even created a band together.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Allin was planning to tour Europe

    He had mentioned his intention to have a European tour before his death.

  2. He appeared in The Jane Whitney Show

    This tabloid talk show was Allin’s last interview.

  3. He idolized Hank Williams

    Allin saw Hank as a kindred spirit.

  4. He was fascinated with serial killers

    Allin wrote to and visited John Wayne Gacy in prison.

  5. He was influenced by Alice Cooper

    In the early 1970s, Allin listened to Alice’s music a lot.

GG Allin FAQs

What is the deal with GG Allin?

He passed away in 1993 as the result of a heroin overdose.

How old was GG Allin?

He passed away at the age of 36.

Where is GG Allin buried?

Saint Rose Cemetery, Littleton, New Hampshire, U.S.

GG Allin’s birthday dates

2024August 29Thursday
2025August 29Friday
2026August 29Saturday
2027August 29Sunday
2028August 29Tuesday

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