Freddie Dredd

Ryan Mitchel Chassels, professionally known as Freddie Dredd, who was born on September 18, 1997, is currently one of the underground music scene’s most famous artists. A member of the Doomshop/Sixtet collective of underground artists, Dredd came to the mainstream’s attention when his music went viral on TikTok in 2019. It’s only been uphill from there, and Dredd has released multiple hits, including ‘Evil Fantasy,’ ‘Who is Freddie Dredd?’ and ‘Opaul.’ He also frequently collaborates with fellow underground artists Baker, RAMIREZ, and Slim Guerilla.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ryan Mitchel Chassels


Freddie Dredd, Ryan C.

Birth date:

September 19, 1997



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Ryan's Social Media:


Freddie Dredd was born on September 19, 1997, in Durham, Ontario, Canada. The young artist has been experimenting with sound and music for a long time and was putting out his work long before becoming famous on TikTok. Hardcore underground music fans were the first to discover and appreciate the music Dredd was making. Critics and followers claimed that Dredd’s music was continually changing, similar to many emerging artists. Of course, he learned by doing, releasing songs with tone and words that were nearly timid. His voice changed too naturally as it matured and developed into the gritty, tough tone he now employs.

The evolution was well on its way by the time Dredd shot to fame on TikTok. One day, he was a rising star on the underground music scene; the next day, he was the buzz of the internet, with countless people posting TikTok videos of his 2019 track, ‘Cha Cha.’ This fueled his popularity with the mainstream crowd and became a widespread success. He’s been trending on the platform ever since, releasing hit singles like ‘Opaul’ and ‘GTG.’ He even collaborates with other underground hip-hop artists like Baker, RAMIREZ, and Slim Guerilla.

Through it all, he has managed to keep a big secret. Fans — mainstream and underground alike — recognize his producer, Ryan C., as the man behind some incredible beats, but little did they know that this was Dredd in disguise. The artist himself kept up the act, operating under two different personas. While eagle-eyed fans pointed out his pseudonym is very similar to his given name — Ryan Chassels — the fact that Dredd and Ryan C. were the same person was only confirmed in late 2019.

Career timeline

Debut Mixtape

Dredd releases a debut mixtape, highlighting his talents to underground music fans.

Dredd Becomes Extremely Popular

TikTok launches Dredd’s career into the stratosphere, and he’s instantly a viral sensation, especially his track ‘Cha Cha,’ which has over 53 million streams on Spotify alone.

Trending Again

Dredd’s new single ‘Opaul’ becomes another viral sensation on TikTok, with over 2.7 million video creations; it has also earned about 38 million streams on Spotify.

His Biggest Single

‘GTG’ is released in July and is Dredd’s biggest single, amassing almost 100k streams per day even two years after its release.

Why We Love Freddie Dredd

  1. His music is unique

    His music is described as having 'extreme imagery' and 'creative threats' by critics, who laud Dredd's comedic sense and over-the-top lyrics for their originality. We love his uniqueness.

  2. He's made an impressive accomplishment

    It's not the norm for an underground artist specializing in the kind of music Dredd creates to make it big on a mainstream platform like Tik Tok. Yet, that's just what Dredd has managed to achieve, and he's now got more than 450K subscribers and followers on YouTube and Instagram. It's almost accurate to say that he has bridged the music divide.

  3. He’s an exception in a world of sameness

    Dredd doesn't conform to the industry standard of popular music. He is adamant about making his music distinctive to stand apart from the competition, and if the success of his music is any indication, he will succeed.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Production was his strong suit first

    Earlier tracks from Dredd’s albums indicate his expertise with producing beats, employing otherworldly sounds spanning multiple genres, even as his sound kept evolving.

  2. He once dated Elise Laurenne

    However, he and the fashion and webcam model have split, citing ‘personal reasons.’

  3. He was big on SoundCloud first

    Before TikTok noticed him, Dredd was already making waves on SoundCloud's music scene, due in part to his inventive beats, unique visual styles, and sly — if often abrasive — lyrics.

  4. He was a shoo-in for Doomshop

    While Doomshop/Sixset is highly cautious about adding new members to its underground music collective — only musicians deemed 'original' are permitted — adding Dredd to the organization was a no-brainer, according to other members, because he is the ultimate epitome of the original sound.

  5. Dredd is faithful to his original sound

    Even after gaining much mainstream popularity, Dredd’s sound is still the same — lofi, underground, Doomshop music.

Freddie Dredd FAQs

Are Ryan C and Freddie Dredd the same person?

Fans of the artist have ferociously debated this answer for years, but we can confirm that Dredd is indeed Ryan C. He uses the former name when rapping and the latter when producing music.

Does Freddie Dredd produce his own songs?

Many of Dredd’s songs are indeed self-produced, although he uses another name — ‘Ryan C’ — to do so.

What kind of rap does Freddie Dredd make?

Dredd’s music is a subgenre of hip hop and traps music called ‘Phonk,’ which is directly inspired by 1990s Memphis rap.

Freddie Dredd’s birthday dates

2024September 19Thursday
2025September 19Friday
2026September 19Saturday
2027September 19Sunday
2028September 19Tuesday

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