Ferran The Fashion King

Ferran Espada, popularly known as Ferran The Fashion King, was born on July 26, 2010, in Colombia. However, at the age of three, he came to the U.S. with his mother Andrea Espada. He is a social media celebrity and an aspiring Colombian YouTuber. He rose to prominence through his parents’ YouTube channel, The Royalty Family, which has millions of subscribers. In addition, he and his father, Ali Espada, co-run the gaming channel Royalty Gaming. Aside from that, Espada has amassed a sizable fan base on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. We are here to help you celebrate his special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ferran Espada


Ferran The Fashion King

Birth date:

July 26, 2010



Zodiac Sign:



4' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Ferran's Social Media:


Ferran Espada was born in Colombia on July 26, 2010. But, at three, his family migrated to the U.S. He was raised in the U.S. and currently attends a private high school in his hometown. His parents announced him on social media, and he is now regarded as one of the top young YouTubers. Milan Espada is his younger stepbrother, and his half-sister is Blu Amalis. The Royalty Family is the name of the family’s YouTube channel. Espada and his father run the popular gaming YouTube channel Royalty Gaming, where he frequently makes gaming videos and posts photos of his family on his Instagram account.

Espada was frequently featured on his family’s YouTube channel, which was well-liked by viewers and grew in popularity daily. Now, they have millions of subscribers and billions of views. They are known for posting challenges, pranks, shopping hauls, and reaction videos, and it is one of the top family YouTube channels.

Following his success on his family’s YouTube channel, Espada and his father, Ali Espada, started a gaming YouTube channel named Royalty Gaming on September 4, 2020. And on September 12, 2020, they released their first YouTube video, “BUYING Fortnite SEASON 4 BATTLE PASS With My Dad’s Credit Card.” They’ve since posted gaming videos on the channel, reaching millions of subscribers. They primarily upload Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox videos. “Ferran is the IMPOSTER!” is one of their YouTube videos. The video with the most views is “Playing AMONG US!!.” It’s received millions of views. Videos on the channel include “BIRTH to DEATH in Roblox Brookhaven! (Emotional Ending),” “FERRAN BUYS A BUGATTI Then Gets ARRESTED in ROBLOX!” “Ferran Looks for a GIRLFRIEND in Roblox! (DENIED),” “Playing AMONG US But We’re All SUS!! (Imposter 999 percent),” and Espada’s videos have all received over six million views. On their YouTube channel, they post one video per week. Espada is also active on Instagram in addition to YouTube. He is well-known on Instagram for uploading pictures of his lifestyle, attractive people, and family. He also promotes his YouTube content on his Instagram account. On Instagram, he has thousands of followers. Andrea Espada, his mother, manages his Instagram account.

Career timeline

The Gaming Channel on YouTube

Espada and his father, Ali Espada, launch a gaming YouTube channel called Royalty Gaming.

He Releases His Video on YouTube]]
Espada and his father post their first YouTube video, "BUYING Fortnite SEASON 4 BATTLE PASS With My Dad's Credit Card.p"

He Releases His Video on YouTube

Espada and his father post their first YouTube video, "BUYING Fortnite SEASON 4 BATTLE PASS With My Dad's Credit Card.p"

He Makes a Popular Video

Espada posts a video titled "BIRTH to DEATH in Roblox Brookhaven! (Emotional Ending)" on YouTube, which goes on to receive over 12 million views, maEspada it the most successful video on his channel.

He Makes Another Very Popular Video

Espada posts a video named "I SNUCK into a BANNED HOME!!" on YouTube, which receives over 6.3 million views.

Why We Love Ferran The Fashion King

  1. He has two lovely pets

    Espada and his family own two dogs Princessa and Gucci. They love them so much and they always show them to their fans.

  2. He is nice to his fans

    Espada has gained a lot of fans on social media. We love that he always treats them well and appreciates them and their support.

  3. He is such an adorable big brother

    Espada's younger brother is very important to him. He enjoys caring for and playing with him.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Ali Espada is not his biological father

    Espada's mother, Andrea Espada, gave birth to him while still in Colombia, and once she began a relationship with Espada, he treated him as his son even though he wasn't biologically his.

  2. His gaming channel has millions of subscribers

    Espada’s gaming channel has gained so much attention and popularity from fans all around the world, it has gained over three million subscribers in less than two years.

  3. He is very athletic

    Espada is still a young star but one thing he doesn't miss is staying in shape and keeping a healthy body, he is a good swimmer and practices yoga regularly.

  4. His family channel has billions of views

    Espada has been featured on the Royalty Family Channel on almost every video, the channel is doing well and has over 3.7 billion views.

  5. He loves traveling

    Espada adores traveling so much that he is always looEspada forward to the next location; he has visited many exotic destinations such as Japan, the Maldives, and London.

Ferran The Fashion King FAQs

What is Espada’s Roblox username?

Espada loves to play the game Roblox and his username is @EspadaFerannnnnn.

Who is Espada’s biological father?

His biological father is Colombian photojournalist Pierre Lepine, who was Andrea Espada’s first husband.

Where does Espada live?

Espada resides in Los Angeles, California, with his parents.

Ferran The Fashion King’s birthday dates

2024July 26Friday
2025July 26Saturday
2026July 26Sunday
2027July 26Monday
2028July 26Wednesday

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