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Mick Jagger

Sir Michael Philip Jagger, born July 26, 1943, is an English singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer who rose to international prominence as the Rolling Stones’ lead vocalist and one of the band’s founding members. His collaboration with Keith Richards is one of the most successful in history. Jagger’s career lasted six decades, and he has been dubbed “one of the most popular and influential frontmen in the history of rock and roll.” Richards’ guitar approach, combined with his distinctive voice and passionate live performances, has been the Rolling Stones’ trademark throughout the band’s tenure. Jagger rose to prominence in the press as a result of his romantic relationships, and he was frequently characterized as a countercultural figure. We are here to help you celebrate his special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Michael Philip Jagger

Birth date:

July 26, 1943



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$360 million

Michael's Social Media:


Sir Michael Philip Jagger was born on July 26, 1943, into a middle-class family in Dartford, Kent. His father, former gymnast Basil Fanshawe “Joe Jagger,” was a physical education teacher who helped popularize basketball in the United Kingdom; his grandfather, David Ernest Jagger, was also a teacher. His mother, Eva Ensley Mary Scutts, was a hairdresser and a Conservative Party activist. Chris Jagger, Jagger’s younger brother, is also a musician, and they have collaborated on stage.

Keith Richards and Jagger were classmates at Wentworth Primary School in Dartford in September 1950, before the Jagger family’s 1954 transfer to Wilmington, Kent. The following year, he began attending Dartford Grammar School, which today houses the Mick Jagger Centre. When they went to different schools, Jagger and Richards lost contact with each other, but after a chance encounter at Dartford railway station in July 1960, they rekindled their friendship and discovered their shared love of rhythm and blues, which for Jagger had begun with “Little Richard.” Jagger dropped out of school in 1961. He and Richards shared a Chelsea flat with guitarist Brian Jones. Soon after, the three of them began gathering to practice, establishing the groundwork for the Rolling Stones.

In their early days, the Rolling Stones performed for free in a basement bar near London’s Ealing Broadway tube station. Jagger and Richards began writing songs after being encouraged to do so by manager Andrew Loog Oldham. The band began a five-month stint at the Eel Pie Island Hotel in June 1963, which is credited with influencing their career. While the Rolling Stones continued to travel and record albums, Jagger launched a solo career. During this time, he worked on the song ‘State of Shock,’ on which he shared lead vocals with Michael Jackson. Jagger began work on his debut solo album, “She’s the Boss,” by composing and recording tracks. The Stones’ album “Dirty Work” was released in March 1986, but Jagger declined to tour for it. In 1988, the duo reassembled in Barbados and recorded hundreds of tracks. Jagger produced the tracks ‘Glamour Boys’ and ‘Which Way to America.’ This work was released on the band’s 21st U.S. album “Steel Wheels” in 1989. Jagger attempted to re-establish himself as a solo artist following this success. In January 1992, he hired Rick Rubin as co-producer for his third solo album, “Wandering Spirit.” The album was released in February 1993 and peaked at number 12 in the United Kingdom and number 11 in the United States.

Career timeline

He Reunites With Richards

Although Jagger and Richards lost contact after attending different schools, they revive their connection on platform two at Dartford train station and discover their shared love of rhythm and blues.

The Birth of the Rolling Stones

Jagger and the Stones get their name from a Muddy Waters song called ‘Rollin' Stone Blues,’ and they make their live debut at London's Marquee Club.

The Band Releases “The Rolling Stones”

Jagger and his bandmates release their debut album “The Rolling Stones” on April 16 by Decca Records in the U.K.

He Releases His First Solo Album

Jagger begins composing and recording tunes for his debut solo album, "She's the Boss," which is released on February 19.

He Releases His Third Album

Jagger’s third solo album, "Wandering Spirit," is released in February and peaks at number 12 in the U.K. and number 11 in the U.S.

The White House and “S.N.L.”

Jagger performs at the White House in February, and hosts the season finale of “S.N.L.” in May, playing some of his hits with artists Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, and Beck.

Why We Love Mick Jagger

  1. He loves kids

    Jagger is the father of eight children. He is also the grandfather of five grandchildren, and the great-grandfather of one great-grandchild. He adores them all.

  2. He doesn’t dwell on the past

    "The past is a wonderful place," Jagger once said. "I don't want to erase or regret it, but I also don't want to be its prisoner."

  3. He is spontaneous and charismatic

    Jagger has been dubbed "the greatest frontman in the history of rock and roll." On stage, he has more personality and charm than anyone else, and he's completely spontaneous and unrehearsed when he's fronting the Stones. He lets the music drive him and, as a result, he's effortlessly and amazingly cool.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He loves staying fit

    Jagger exercises six days a week and runs eight miles every day, and his exercise program includes jogging, kickboxing, yoga, and ballet.

  2. He has a good career in movies

    Jagger had his first film "Performance" released in 1969, and he also founded Jagged Films with "Enigma" as the first release, starring Kate Winslet.

  3. He has a song about him

    Jagger's career is one of the most influential and successful of all time, and Maroon 5 released a song called ‘Moves Like Jagger’ in 2010.

  4. He wanted to start a label

    Jagger and Paul McCartney discussed starting a label seriously, but it never materialized, and The Beatles founded Apple Records in January 1968.

  5. He sings in the shower

    Jagger likes to sing in the shower, and it's not always his songs; sometimes it's random songs, and other times songs he heard years ago.

Mick Jagger FAQs

What is Mick Jagger's health condition?

Jagger underwent heart surgery in 2019 to replace a heart valve. Surprisingly, he was able to resume his musical activities shortly after. His heart surgery was conducted using a minimally invasive procedure.

What does Mick Jagger eat?

Jagger maintains a well-balanced whole-food diet rich in whole grains, beans and legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, notably avocados, and lean meats such as fish and chicken. He also enjoys making healthy smoothies.

How did Mick Jagger learn his signature dance style?

Jagger learned his signature dance style from Tina Turner and one of her Ikettes after meeting her on a Rolling Stones tour.

Mick Jagger’s birthday dates

2024July 26Friday
2025July 26Saturday
2026July 26Sunday
2027July 26Monday
2028July 26Wednesday

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