Elizabeth Gillies

Elizabeth Egan Gillies, also known as Liz Gillies, was born on July 26, 1993, and is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She made her Broadway acting debut at age 15 when she played Lucy in the musical play “13.” She is known for playing Jade West on Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” and also for voicing the character Daphne in the animated series “Winx Club.” She currently stars in the series “Dynasty,” playing Fallon Carrington. We’ll help you celebrate her special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Elizabeth Egan Gillies



Birth date:

July 26, 1993



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$4 million

Social Media:


Elizabeth Egan Gillies was born in Haworth, New Jersey, on July 26, 1993, to Dave and Lorrie Gillies and has a younger brother. Gillies has stated that she has Irish and Italian ancestry.

Her acting career began at age 12 when she began attending casting calls. She quickly began appearing in commercials for companies such as Virgin Mobile. She dropped out of high school in her freshman year to pursue acting and participated in an online high school program. Her first television role was as a recurring character on “The Black Donnellys” (2007). At first, she stated that she was not allowed to watch the full show because her parents felt it was inappropriate for her at the time. However, she appeared in three episodes.

In 2008, she played small roles in “The Clique” and “Harold and Locker 514.” That year, she was also cast as Lucy in a Goodspeed production of Jason Robert Brown’s new musical “13,” opposite Ariana Grande. Later that year, the musical was moved to Broadway, making it the first Broadway production to have an all-teenage cast and band. Gillies remained with the production until its closure on January 4, 2009. Shen then received two big numbers, ‘Opportunity’ and ‘It Can’t Be True,’ along with minor appearances in other songs, such as the title song, ‘Hey Kendra,’ and much more. In 2010, Gillies was cast as the bad girl and occasional antagonist Jade West on the Nickelodeon television show “Victorious.” This marked her second time working alongside Grande. During “Victorious,” Gillies was featured on several songs from the “Victorious” and “Victorious 2.0” soundtracks, including ‘Give It Up’ (a duet with Grande) and ‘Take a Hint’ (a duet with Victoria Justice). She also wrote and recorded the song ‘You Don’t Know Me’ for an episode of the television show, which was later featured on “Victorious 3.0.”

Career timeline

Her Professional Career Begins

Her career begins when she starts doing castings and commercials for companies like Virgin Mobile.

She is Cast in Minor Roles

Gillies plays small roles in "The Clique" and "Harold and Locker 514."

She is on Broadway

She is part of Broadway's first all-teenage cast in the play "13."

She Plays an Antagonist Role

Gillies plays the antagonist in the teen series "Victorious."

She is on “Dynasty”

She is cast to play Fallon Carrington in The C.W. television series "Dynasty," a reboot of the 1980 series of the same name.

She Gets Cast as a Voice Actress

She voices Catwoman in "Catwoman: Hunted."

Why We Love Elizabeth Gillies

  1. She values friendship

    Being cast in the musical and television show together, it’s no secret that Gillies is best friends with Grande. They even got their driver's licenses together on the same day.

  2. She’s hilarious

    Her fans find her hilarious, which is why fan appreciation for her comedic skills may be seen in several social media posts about her. Her fans are making videos dedicated to her funny lines and humorous expressions.

  3. She’s sensational

    Near the end of 2018, Gillies unintentionally created one of the most viral videos of the year. She posted a video of herself strutting in a sparkly red dress on the set of "Dynasty," which instantly drew attention and had social media users everywhere retweeting the content.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. A reunion with Grande

    In one of the most memorable moments for Nickelodeon fans, particularly the followers of the show "Victorious," Grande and Gillies created a mini-reunion at the former’s concert in Atlanta in 2019.

  2. She was in ‘thank u, next’

    Although Gillies did not sing in the song itself, she was heavily featured in the five-and-a-half-minute music video for Grande’s hit single.

  3. She was a giddy teenager

    Like most teenage celebrities from the early 2000s, she was one of the famous teen stars who liked to stay up late posting goofy videos on her YouTube channel.

  4. She released a Christmas song in 2013

    The song was a duet with Grande, and it wasn't the first time that the two performed a Christmas song together.

  5. Her first role

    Gillies was young when she first appeared in an episode of "The Black Donnellys," a show about a group of four brothers who got caught up in organized crime.

Elizabeth Gillies FAQs

Are Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies friends?

They’re best friends!

Are Victoria Justice and Liz Gillies friends?

Although their characters Jade West and Tori Vega are considered ‘frenemies,’ in real life, however, Gillies and Justice are good friends.

How old was Elizabeth Gillies in Victorious?

She was 17 when she starred in “Victorious.”.

Elizabeth Gillies’s birthday dates

2024July 26Friday
2025July 26Saturday
2026July 26Sunday
2027July 26Monday
2028July 26Wednesday

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