Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson, born on August 31, 1970, started out by participating in a singing contest and went on to become a pop icon in the late 1980s. She has had many hits over her decades-long career, writing all of her lyrics by herself. However, her career didn’t end with the turn of the millennium, and she continued to release singles and albums from time to time, with her latest album giving her her first hit in a long time. It’s time to celebrate her special day, and you can do so right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Deborah Ann Gibson



Birth date:

August 31, 1970




5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2 million

Deborah's Social Media:


Debbie Gibson strongly established herself as a pop singer in the late 1980s. With time, newer artists dominated the music industry but she continued making her music and chasing her passion. Gibson was born on August 31, 1970, in Long Island, New York City. Her zodiac sign is Virgo and her ethnicity is Italian/Sicilian, German, and a bit Russian. She is the daughter of Diane and Joseph Gibson, and she has three sisters. When she was young, she studied piano under Morton Estrin. In 1983, she started her career by composing a song called ‘I Come From America’ and sending a recording to WOR as her entry for the station’s song contest. She won the competition, after which her mother turned the family garage into a recording studio. A demo of another of her original songs, ‘Only in My Dreams,’ submitted to a radio station led the D.J. to share her song with an executive at Atlantic Records and helped her land a development deal immediately. She began a promotional tour of venues throughout the United States. She spent most of 1986 and 1987 building her songwriting catalog while continuing to tour venues. Gibson’s mother would accompany her to her club dates. Simultaneously, she continued taking classes at Calhoun High School in Merrick, New York, from which she then graduated as an honor student.

The promotional release of ‘Only in My Dreams’ landed the song on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number four. Atlantic signed Gibson to a recording contract and began the process of completing her first record. Her follow-up single was ‘Shake Your Love,’ with an accompanying music video choreographed by Paula Abdul. In 1987, she was still performing in nightclubs throughout the United States and recording at the same time. Her debut album “Out of the Blue” was finished in four weeks and four singles from it reached the top five of the Billboard Hot 100. In 1988, Gibson became the youngest artist to write, produce, and perform a number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 with her song ‘Foolish Beat,’ which she recorded and produced when she was 16 years old. She still holds the title of the youngest female artist ever to have done so. “Out of the Blue” was an instant success, not only in the United States but internationally, filling stadiums during her tour. By the end of 1988, the album had gone triple platinum.

In early 1989, Gibson released her second album, titled “Electric Youth.” It spent five weeks at number one on the Billboard 200. The first single, ‘Lost in Your Eyes,’ held the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks. The album was certified double platinum and she embarked on a successful world tour. Gibson recorded two more albums for Atlantic Records, “Anything Is Possible” (1990), and “Body, Mind, Soul” (1993). She had two minor hits with the latter, ‘Losin Myself’ and ‘Shock Your Mama,’ the first of which would be Gibson’s last Billboard Hot 100 song for a long time. She then signed with EMI’s SBK Records in 1995 and recorded her only album for the label, “Think With Your Heart,” that same year. After parting with EMI, she formed her record label, Espiritu, to release her original material. She returned to pop in 1997 with her sixth album, titled “Deborah.” In 2001, Gibson released her seventh album on her new record label, Golden Egg. In 2010, she released her ninth studio album, “Ms. Vocalist.” In 2017, she achieved her first Billboard Hot 100 song in 25 with ‘I Am Peaceman,’ a duet with Sir Ivan which peaked at number 26. In 2021, she released her 10th studio album, “The Body Remembers.”

Career timeline

Gibson Wins a Contest

She enters a song contest held by a radio station and wins with her original song ‘I Come From America.’

She Gets Signed to Atlantic

After a radio D.J. shares her demo ‘Only In My Dreams’ with an executive, she immediately lands a deal.

Gibson’s Debut Album

Her album “Out Of The Blue” is released and four of its singles reach the top five on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Youngest Woman With a Number-one Hit

Gibson’s song ‘Foolish Beat’ peaks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making her the youngest female artist to write, produce and perform a number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100

She Starts Her Own Record Label

After being signed to Atlantic and then EMI, she decides to release her music under her own record label, Espiritu.

Gibson’s 10th Album

She releases her 10th studio album, “The Body Remembers.”

Why We Love Debbie Gibson

  1. Gibson knows how to sustain a career

    Not many people who start a career in entertainment in their teenage years know how to sustain it throughout the decades. However, Gibson has managed to do so for over three decades.

  2. She has overcome struggles

    Not everything is successful hits and performances in Gibson’s life. She has had a history of panic attacks, has been a target of numerous stalkers, battled symptoms of Lyme disease, and struggled with prescription drug use. Luckily, none of this has seemed to stop her from doing what she loves most.

  3. Gibson gives back

    Gibson is the founder of the Gibson Girl Foundation, which awards scholarships to young performers, including more than $75,000 in scholarships to kids in need allowing them to attend her camp. She auctioned her first car for charity. She has also supported organizations such as Children International, Girl Prep, and Race to Erase MS.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Gibson has a famous childhood friend

    During her childhood, she was friends with actress Ricki Lake.

  2. She shared an award with Bruce Springsteen

    In 1989, Gibson tied with Springsteen for the A.S.C.A.P. Songwriter of the Year Award.

  3. Gibson ran a camp for performers

    Camp Electric Youth ran in the summer of 2008 and was attended by young singers, actors, and dancers.

  4. She performed on Broadway

    Gibson played the roles of Eponine in “Les Miserables,” Belle in “Beauty and the Beast,” and Sally Bowels in “Cabaret.”

  5. Gibson wants a “Weird Al” parody

    She has said that not getting a “Weird Al” Yankovic parody of one of her songs makes her feel left out.

Debbie Gibson FAQs

Who is Debbie Gibson married to?

No one, Gibson is single.

Did Debbie Gibson win a Grammy?

No, she has never won or been nominated for a Grammy Award.

Did Debbie Gibson go to college?

No, she was quite busy writing albums at that age!

Debbie Gibson’s birthday dates

2024August 31Saturday
2025August 31Sunday
2026August 31Monday
2027August 31Tuesday
2028August 31Thursday

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