Andy Biersack

Andy Dennis Biersack, born on December 26, 1990, is a multi-talented musician from the United States. In addition to being the leader of the band Black Veil Brides, Biersack is well-known for his abilities as a pianist, singer, and songwriter. He has more than 10 years of experience in the music business and several records to his name. A medicine commercial, the B.V.B. concept movie “Legion of the Black,” and other parts are among Biersack’s acting credits. We’ll assist you in celebrating his special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Andrew Dennis Biersack


Andy Six, Andy Black

Birth date:

December 26, 1990



Zodiac Sign:



6' 2"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Andrew's Social Media:


Andy Dennis Biersack was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on December 26, 1990, to Chris and Amy Biersack. Biersack received his early schooling at a Catholic elementary school, which he mentioned in numerous interviews. Biersack majored in acting and vocal music in high school at Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts. He moved to Los Angeles after turning 18 in 2008 to advance his career. This decision proved to be his ticket to stardom.

Biersack demonstrated his interest in starting his band as a youngster when he and several pals formed a band called Biersack, named after him. This ensemble became known as Black Veil Brides, a famous rock band. In early 2009, the band signed with big record labels, which ushered them into releasing their first video, “Knives and Pens.” The success of this work resulted in the production of the chart-topping album “We Stitch These Wounds.” This record was a huge hit, selling over 13,000 copies in its first week. The band’s next three years were fruitful, with the release of two further albums in 2011 and 2013; the band’s fourth album got released in 2014. The band’s success caused many in the industry to sit up and take note, marking the beginning of Biersack’s solo career, as he founded his record under the moniker, Andy Black.

Biersack released his first song, ‘They Don’t Need to Understand,’ with a music video on Hot Topic on May 19, 2014. The title of Biersack’s debut album, “The Shadow Side,” was announced on March 17, 2016. In addition to music, he has starred in films such as “American Satan.” The film is an American supernatural musical thriller written by Ash Avildsen and Matty Beckerman. It was released in theaters on October 13, 2017, and stars Ben Bruce and Drake Bell, among others. Biersack announced his second album, “The Ghost of Ohio,” on February 15, 2019, with a release date of April 12, 2019. The lead single from the album ‘Westwood Road’ was released on the same day.

Career timeline

He Forms His First Band

Biersack forms his first band while in eighth grade.

He Relocates

Biersack relocates to Burbank, California, at age 15 to pursue a career in television commercials and print modeling.

He Returns to Cininnati

Biersack returns to Cincinnati to pursue his education in the performing arts.

His Band Black Veil Brides is Formed

Biersack’s self-titled band, Biersack, evolves into Black Veil Brides under the independent label StandBy Records.

His First Solo Single

Biersack’s first single, ‘They Don't Need to Understand,’ is released online with a music video by Hot Topic.

Why We Love Andy Biersack

  1. He dares to be different

    Biersack was subjected to bullying while still in high school. His childhood idols were heavy metal legends Motley Crue and KISS, known for donning black clothing. Despite this, he wrote many lyrics that today's teenagers might use to understand that it's acceptable to be different. Biersack's dedication and originality helped him to become a rock legend.

  2. His overflowing creativity

    He said that his relationship with singer-songwriter Juliet Simms inspired some of the new work, as did the fact that he spent the last decade fronting the Black Veil Brides. With that in mind, he was able to release “The Shadow Side,” his solo pop debut. Biersack also stated that the album allowed him to create music that did not match the Black Veil Brides' sound, demonstrating his diversity as a musician.

  3. His trying to practice a healthier lifestyle

    "I don't eat most things! And I go with things until it's dire — like smoking or drinking. Until it eventually kicks in, 'This is a mistake,' only then will I change my habits," he revealed. Biersack is currently practicing to be a vegan-leaning vegetarian after realizing that his old habits are not healthy for his long-term health.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His natural hair color

    Biersack’s hair has been black throughout his career as a heavy rock artist, leading most people to believe that his natural hair color is black; however, his natural hair color is blonde.

  2. He quit school before graduating

    Biersack left high school six days after turning 18 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career.

  3. His artistry

    While Biersack struggled at school due to bullying, he excelled in theatrical studies and performances.

  4. He works closely with his father

    Over the years, Biersack’s father has served as his tour manager, lighting director, driver, and merchandise manager.

  5. His love for Batman

    Biersack is a huge Batman fan, and he got to voice the superhero in the 2017 "Dark Nights: Death Metal" soundtrack album, which was a dream come true for him.

Andy Biersack FAQs

How many tattoos does Andy Biersack have?

Biersack has numerous tattoos, including an upside-down crucifix, the Misfits logo, a dragonfly, and Batman.

How did Juliet Simms and Andy Biersack meet?

Biersack and Simms met on the Vans Warped Tour and fell in love before marrying in April 2016.

Who influenced Black Veil Brides?

Black Veil Brides’ members frequently name the Misfits, Mötley Crüe, and David Bowie among their biggest influences. This compilation includes songs by the gothic punks, rowdy metalheads, and eccentric rockers who helped to define the band’s raw-yet-glamorous style.

Andy Biersack’s birthday dates

2024December 26Thursday
2025December 26Friday
2026December 26Saturday
2027December 26Sunday
2028December 26Tuesday

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