National Rosé Day 2018 — June 9

Second Saturday in June

Celebrate summer, friends and all things pink on National Rosé Day! Not many people need an excuse to open a fresh bottle of rosé wine but we’ve got some great ideas on how to turn the day into a fun and memorable occasion. Held every year on the second Saturday in June, National Rosé Day was started by Swedish Rosé house Bodvár to pay homage to this glorious summertime wine. Whether you prefer your rosé still or bubbly, sweet or dry, deep pink or more orange, raise a glass to this perfect summer sipper.

National Rosé Day - History

600 BC
Wine and vines arrive in France

Greek traders brought the start of the Provence wine industry

14th Century
A noble wine

Rosé from Provence is considered prestigious, for kings and aristocrats

The first rosés arrive in the US

Wine merchant Henry Behar introduced Las Lanzas Rosé wine from Portugal to American palates

The first American-made rosé is released

Sutter Home’s White Zinfandel firmly placed rosés in the wine racks of wine lovers across the country

National Rosé Day Activities

1. Throw a pink party
National Rosé Day is all about being pretty in pink. Go all out on the rosy front by dressing in pink, decorating with cheery blushing blooms, and serving up a variety of rosy-hued dishes! And of course, make sure you're serving rosé in your cups!

2. Host a wine tasting
Gather your friends and discover the rosé wine revolution together. Consult your local wine shop for recommendations on a range of rosé wines to taste. Serve with a variety of cheeses and other snacks and find your new favorite.

3. Experiment with rosé cocktails
You should know by now how adaptable rosé wine is. No matter the occasion, food, or taste of the drinker, rosé has something to make everyone smile. That flexibility extends to its mixability; grab the cocktail shaker and get testing.

Why We Love National Rosé Day

A. It gives us the opportunity to try something new
Most people stick with the same old boring red or white. National Rosé Day forces us to spread our wine-drinking wings and sip on something different. So branch out and live a little! You won't be sorry.

B. It's a versatile drink
Beer is the traditional go-to drink when having friends over for a summer BBQ, rosé wines are a great accompaniment to grilled meat and vegetables! This wine comes in many varieties so there's sure to be one to perfectly accompany your favorite meal.

C. It's so pretty
National Rosé Day is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the beauty in life, and in your glass! Rosé is beautiful and reminds us that life is filled with small moments of beauty.

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