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WedDec 11

National Jon Day – December 11, 2024

We’re celebrating National Jon Day this December 11. Jon is a masculine name. It’s the short form of the English and Hebrew name ‘Jonathan,’ first introduced to the U.S. in around 1880. More than 380,000 people in the U.S. are called Jonathan. In Israel, ‘Yoni’ is a common nickname for ‘Yonatan’, the Hebrew version of Jonathan. The name is most commonly associated with Jonathan from the Bible, who is a close friend to David and one of the most admired characters in the Old Testament due to his fearlessness and loyalty.

History of National Jon Day

The earliest mention of Jonathan is in the Old Testament of the Hebrew Bible. Jonathan was the oldest son of King Saul, the first king of Israel, who ruled around the 11th century B.C. A skilled archer known for his courage, strength, and swiftness, Jonathan is one of the Old Testament’s most notable heroes and warriors.

His conflict with his father and his close friendship with David are prevalent themes in “1 Samuel.” Jonathan refused to kill David despite receiving orders from King Saul, and in their final meeting, both men made a covenant with God before going their separate ways. In keeping with his heroic warrior archetype, Jonathan died in the battle of Mount Gilboa alongside his father and brothers. The Roman Catholic Church venerates him as a saint and has a feast in his honor on December 29.

American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor John Francis Bongiovi Jr., better known as Jon Bon Jovi, was born on March 2, 1962, in the U.S. The founder of the band Bon Jovi, Jon was raised by two former Marines in New Jersey. Jon played in his first band at the age of 13 and made his first professional recording of “Christmas in the Stars: The Star Wars Christmas Album” at his cousin’s studio in 1980. By 1986, he achieved worldwide recognition with his band, thanks to their third album “Slippery When Wet.”

National Jon Day timeline

1000 B.C.
The First Jon

Jonathan is born to the Hebrew King Saul.

The Owner of Garfield

Jon Arbuckle, the owner of everyone’s favorite lazy cat Garfield, gets introduced to the world in his comic strip “Jon.”

The Bon Jovi’s Debut

The band Bon Jovi begins its career with its first album “Bon Jovi.”

The Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Jon Hamm makes his first appearance as Donald Draper in the AMC series “Mad Men.”

National Jon Day FAQs

Is the name Jon in the Bible?

In the Bible, Jonathan is the firstborn son of King Saul.

What does Jon mean?

In Hebrew, Jonathan means ‘Yahweh has given’ or ‘Yahweh has pardoned’ or ‘Yahweh has pardoned.’

What’s the difference between Jon and John?

Jon is an alternate spelling of John and the diminutive of Jonathan.

National Jon Day Activities

  1. Listen to Bon Jovi

    Did you know that Bon Jovi has sold over 130 million albums worldwide? They’re one of the best-selling American bands of all time. You have to listen to these rock and roll legends on National Jon Day.

  2. Watch a show

    Check out Jon Hamm’s “Mad Men” or “A Young Doctor’s Notebook.” If you’re in the mood for some sci-fi fantasy, watch Jon Favreau’s “The Mandalorian.”

  3. Say it with jewelry

    Consider getting a letter bead bracelet with your name on it. You can even make one with a unique design.

5 Fun Facts About Jon

  1. The gift that runs in the family

    Jon Bon Jovi’s great-uncle was Frank Sinatra.

  2. The son and the father

    Jonathan Kent is the given name of Superman’s adoptive father and his only son.

  3. No more smoking for me

    Jon Hamm, who plays the chain-smoking Don Draper in the television series “Mad Men,” quit smoking at 24 and used herbal cigarettes throughout the show's filming.

  4. From Russia with love

    Actor Jon Bernthal, who plays Frank Castle in “The Punisher,” studied acting at the Moscow Art Theatre School.

  5. Compassion for animals

    Comedian Jon Stewart, former host of “The Daily Show,” switched to a vegan diet after opening an animal sanctuary and bonding with the animals there.

Why We Love National Jon Day

  1. The name is not as common

    Jon is one of those older names you don’t run into often. That makes it unique.

  2. The name is straight to the point

    It’s got one syllable. That means no spelling mistakes and no mispronunciations!

  3. It has historic significance

    One can’t ignore the history of the name. Its original meaning and place in the Bible add to its charm.

National Jon Day dates

2024December 11Wednesday
2025December 11Thursday
2026December 11Friday
2027December 11Saturday
2028December 11Monday

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