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SatJan 18

National Forrest Day – January 18, 2025

National Forrest Day is celebrated every year around the world on January 18. It is a boy’s name and quite a popular one at that, thanks to the movie starring Tom Hanks and many notable figures of the same name. It is believed that more than a million people around the world are named Forrest. It was in the early 13th century that variants of the name were first recorded in England. It sounds the same as ‘forest’ and the name actually has roots in the word. Interestingly, Forrest is both a surname and a first name.

History of National Forrest Day

The name Forrest denotes someone who lives in or near a royal forest or works in one. We must remember that in the Middle Ages, the forest was not just the woods but a large area reserved by law for the purposes of hunting by the king and his nobles. The English word is derived from Old French ‘forest’ and Late Latin ‘forestis,’ which was further derived from ‘foris,’ which means ‘outside.’ They all refer to woods lying outside of habitation. Therefore, essentially, Forrest means someone who belongs to the woods!

Forrest is a boy’s name with roots in the Norman invasion of England, where it is used both as a first name and surname. Therefore, it is a common name among the French and English. The forest has always been deeply symbolic and significant for humankind. We cannot imagine our lives without the bounties of trees and the animals they shelter. Yet forests are also associated with danger and mystery, and also exploration and shelter. They are also the biggest producers of life-giving oxygen. It is no surprise, then, that Forrest has remained a popular name (and surname) throughout history. It speaks of humanity’s love of adventure and the natural world — a majestic legacy for anyone to inherit!

Forrest had a firm spot on the U.S. name popularity list for many years. It received a somewhat surprising blip after the release of “Forrest Gump.” The name began climbing the charts again in 2013 when it re-entered the ‘Top 1,000 list’ as one of the most popular names ever.

National Forrest Day timeline

The Birth of Forrest Myers

The famous American sculptor, Myers, is born.

“All That Heaven Allows” is Released

The movie, “All That Heaven Allows,” featuring the actor Forrest Lewis hits the big screen.

“Forrest Gump” is Released

Tom Hanks wins the Academy Award for his role as the protagonist in “Forrest Gump.”

“The Revenant” is Released

Forrest Goodluck plays the role of Hawk in the Oscar-winning movie “The Revenant.”

National Forrest Day FAQs

Can Forrest be a girl’s name?

Yes, Forrest can be a girl’s name too.

How common is Forrest as a last name?

The name Forrest is the 1,184th most popular surname in the United States with an estimated 24,870 people with that last name.

Does the name Forrest have any variants?

Some variants of the name Forrest are Forest, De Forest, De Forrest, DeForest, and DeForrest.

National Forrest Day Activities

  1. Watch “Forrest Gump”

    Without a doubt, Forrest Gump is the most famous Forrests that we all know. And isn’t that surprising since he’s a fictional character? Go catch this incredible movie that gives us so many important life lessons.

  2. Make all Forrests feel special

    Of course, no celebration for this day is complete without honoring folks around you who are named Forrest. Give them a shout-out on social media or take them out for a meal.

  3. Plant a tree

    We know that the name Forrest has its roots in the word ‘forest’ or ‘woods.’ You can plant a tree or visit your favorite national parks on this day to spend some time around greenery.

5 Fascinating Facts About “Forrest Gump”

  1. The movie location differed from the story

    Although “Forrest Gump” was set in Greenbow, Alabama, it was actually filmed, for the most part, in South Carolina Lowcountry and Savannah.

  2. It took years to be made

    “Forrest Gump” was in development for nine years.

  3. The Vietnam sequences were shot elsewhere

    The Vietnam sequences for “Forrest Gump” were filmed at Fripp Islands, South Carolina.

  4. No improvisation was allowed

    Director Zemeckis wanted actors to stick to the script closely.

  5. Robin Wright was made for her role

    Wright was the only actor who read for the character of Jenny.

Why We Love National Forrest Day

  1. Forrest is a beautiful name

    The reason why we have a whole day dedicated to this name is that we love Forrests! People with this unusual, meaningful name around us deserve to be acknowledged.

  2. A popular name across the world

    Although Forrest has its roots in French, Latin, and even Norman, it has emerged as a global favorite. Americans owe their love of the name to the classic hit movie “Forrest Gump,” which stars Tom Hanks.

  3. Forrests and forests

    Another incredible thing about the name is how it alludes to a love of forests and all things green. In the age of climate calamity, Forrests remind us of the importance of green spaces and why we should conserve them.

National Forrest Day dates

2025January 18Saturday
2026January 18Sunday
2027January 18Monday
2028January 18Tuesday
2029January 18Thursday

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