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SunDec 22

National Betty Day – December 22, 2024

National Betty Day is on December 22. To every Betty, Bethany, Elizabeth, or Beatrice, this day is saying “you’re special, and we appreciate you.” If you’re called Betty, then those words are for you. If you’re not Betty but know a Betty, text or call them to let them know how amazing they are. You could also mention them on your social media, where you could drop some kind words for them!

History of National Betty Day

In 2020, the Mayor of Hornersville, Bub Forsythe, declared December 22 as National Betty Day. He founded the holiday to honor all the Bettys we know and love. Hornersville is a city in Dunklin County, Missouri, in the United States, founded in 1840. Mayor Forsythe chose the date to honor a late member of the Hornersville community, Mrs. Betty Hinesly, whose birthday now marks the date of the holiday.

The name Betty or Bettie is a common nickname for Bethanys and Elizabeths. In Latin America and Spain, it’s also a nickname for Beatriz (Beatrice). In the 17th and 18th centuries, it was more often a nickname for Bethia, which was more popular then.

During the 18th century, old nicknames became established as given names in their own right and started appearing in parish registers as official names from about 1750.

Betty was first registered as a baby girl’s name in 1880, being given to 117 newborn babies. It became a popular name in 1900, ranking number 100 nationwide. Betty was most prominent back in 1934 when it ranked as the second most popular girl’s name in the country. The highest record of all time for this name was 3,599 baby girls in 1924 in Pennsylvania. Although its popularity has declined, some believe the name Betty will make a comeback due to it being a classic.

National Betty Day timeline

17th Century
A Short Form For Bethia

Betty is a nickname mostly for people bearing the Scottish name Bethia.

Betty is a Proper First Name

Betty is given to babies as a first name and not just as an informal nickname.

Everyone Knows a Betty

Betty ranks second among the most common names in the United States.

Bettys Get a Holiday

Hornesville Mayor, Bub Forsythe, declares National Betty Day.

National Betty Day FAQs

When is National Betty Day?

December 22 is National Betty Day, as proclaimed by Mayor Forsythe of Hornersville, Missouri.

What is the full name for Betty?

Bethany and Elizabeth are the common full names for Betty.

Can Betty be found in the New Testament?

Betty is found in the New Testament in the Greek form as Elisabet, who is the mother of John the Baptist.

National Betty Day Activities

  1. Surprise them with a treat

    Surprise a Betty with their favorite treat — donuts, cookies, or whatever it might be. If you are said Betty, you could take yourself out and treat yourself — you deserve it!

  2. Share a post online

    You could share a holiday tweet on Twitter or post on any other social platform you may use. The holiday hashtag is #NationalBettyDay.

  3. Tag Betty in a holiday post

    If you come across a National Betty Day post that you like and want to share with your Betty of choice, you could tag them in the comments section. This is one way to partake in the celebration.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Betty

  1. A unique Emmy nomination

    Betty White was the oldest person to earn an Emmy nomination at 92 years old.

  2. Popular American Dessert

    The traditional American apple pudding, Apple Brown Betty, was named after a Betty.

  3. 1934 Betty Frenzy

    Betty was the second most common name in the United States.

  4. Betty, just Betty

    Betty was established as a full name on its own in the 1880s.

  5. Formerly used for Bethia

    From the 17th century to the 18th century, Betty was a prevalent short form for the Scottish name Bethia.

Why We Love National Betty Day

  1. We get to socialize with others

    Bettys online are conversing and linking up. The holiday is a perfect occasion to be sociable.

  2. We show love to others

    We are showing love and care for others throughout the day. We are also encouraging others to do the same.

  3. We promote self-love

    We get to promote self-love all through the holiday. We inspire Bettys to see how special they are and to love themselves for that.

National Betty Day dates

2024December 22Sunday
2025December 22Monday
2026December 22Tuesday
2027December 22Wednesday
2028December 22Friday

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