National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day – January 22, 2020

Wed Jan 22

Your cat has questions. Today, on National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, January 22, you have to respond.  Look Bella, Max, Delphine or Simba in their hazel, brown or black eyes and tell your cats what they want to know.  For example, you need to explain to your kitty why it’s tuna, tuna, tuna and no  chicken every…freakin’…day.  Or, why can’t you change the litter box just a little more frequently? Little Juju’s nose is sensitive and she’s stuck with a reeking mess all day long while you escape to that mysterious, yet nameless place you go for eight hours everyday. (One of the neighborhood cats said it was someplace called, “work” — whatever that is.)  So just for today, do your cat a favor.  Schedule a binge-watching session of “Garfield” in answer to Derwood’s question, “Why can’t we have better entertainment when you’re gone?” It’s National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.  Make an effort. 

National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day Activities

  1. Make a "cats-asking-questions" video

    On National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day, gather a group of cat-loving friends and make a hilarious video. Use your smartphone to shoot the cats while you guys provide the funny voiceovers. Post to social media and enjoy!

  2. Create an advice blog for cats

    Cats have issues, too. Use National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day to come up with funny or whimsical answers to mythical cat questions. Poll your friends to get them in on the joke. Let's see what cats REALLY think!

  3. Cuddle with kitty

    When it's all said and done, cat lovers just want to spend some quality time with their pets. Gazing into your cat's eyes, you already know what their question is: "How did I get so lucky to have a wonderful owner like you?"

Why We Love National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

  1. Cats are inquisitive

    Every cat owner knows that their precious kitty has an insatiable desire to know. Marcus will stick his nose in anything, anywhere. Then, once the object of his desire is fully explored, Mr. M will walk away — done.

  2. Cats follow their own minds

    You may feed and house Porceline but you can never own her. For Miss P has a kitty mind all her own. She's going to do what she wants, when she wants. Cats remind us that they are free.

  3. Cats are picky

    Lucius wants to play with THAT ball of yarn and not this one. Velvet loves THIS brand of catfood and not THAT one. What can we say? Cats have discriminating tastes and that's why we love them.

National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day dates

2020January 22Wednesday
2021January 22Friday
2022January 22Saturday
2023January 22Sunday
2024January 22Monday