June 10th Birthdays

We have 7 birthdays listed for June 10.

June 10th is the 161st day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, the US Equal Pay Act is signed into law by President John F. Kennedy, Apple Computer ships its first Apple II computers, and the Spirit Rover is launched beginning NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission. Famous birthdays include Prince Philip, Kate Upton, Elizabeth Hurley, Bill Burr, and Sasha Obama. Today is National Iced Tea Day.


Taylor Armstrong’s Birthday

This reality T.V. star has endeared herself to fans all around the world.


Theresa Caputo’s Birthday

Theresa Caputo sees, hears, and feels things differently than we do in the physical world.


Sasha Obama’s Birthday

Sasha Obama is still young, yet she has captivated the hearts of many.


Prince Philip’s Birthday

For this Prince, satisfaction comes through service and relating to his people.


Lucy Bella Earl’s Birthday

Lucy Bella Earl is sometimes called an edutuber; we think that's just neat!


Kate Upton’s Birthday

With her hunger for success, Upton’s an unmatched force with no limits or fear.


Judy Garland’s Birthday

Judy Garland was one of the brightest movie stars of Hollywood’s golden era.