Prince Philip

Prince Philip, born June 10, 1921, has done a lot of sacrificial deeds that not most would do. He renounced his hereditary royal title before engaging his wife and served in the Royal Navy for years, even after being proclaimed prince of the U.K. Philip became the world’s Wildlife Fund’s first president and was awarded the Companion of the Order of Australia. He served his country with pride and honored his Queen. He was a born leader, making captain of hockey and cricket in his school days. Today we honor the life of a great person, and we will help you celebrate him.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Birth date:

June 10, 1921

Death date:

April 9, 2021 (age 99)

Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Net Worth:

$30 million


Prince Philip was born Philip Mountbatten in Corfu, Greece, to Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice. Philip attended a boarding school, Gordonstoun, and later went to the Royal Naval College. As a student in school, he was a cricket and hockey captain and played charity cricket in aid of the National Playing Fields Association. He was part of the Royal Navy from 1940 until the end of World War II.

In 1947 he renounced his rights to the Greek and Danish thrones and went on to marry Queen Elizabeth. On the eve of his wedding, he was appointed the Knight of the Garter, Baron Greenwich, Earl of Merioneth, and duke of Edinburgh. He stayed in service with the Royal Navy and, in 1952, was made Knight of the Thistle. He later gained his RAF wings, helicopter wings, and private pilot’s license. He became the Prince of the U.K. in 1957 and was awarded the Companion of the Order of Australia in 1988. On the line of succession to the British throne, he holds the 496th position. He had no Greek or English ancestry, even though he was born and raised in Greece and England. However, the people of Tanna in the South Pacific worshipped him as their god.

He was married to Queen Elizabeth, and together they had four children — Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Prince Charles, and Prince Andrew. Later the family expanded as great-grandchildren got introduced to the circle.

Career timeline

He Joins the Royal Navy

Philip serves in combat in the Mediterranean and the Pacific.

He Weds Princess Elizabeth

The couple ties the knot in Westminster Abbey, and Philip is designated a royal highness.

His First Child

Philip and Elizabeth give birth to a baby boy, Charles Philip Arthur George.

Philip Becomes Prince

Elizabeth honors him with the dignity of being the Prince of the U.k.

His International Awards program

His service and International Award program provides more than six million young adults the privilege to partake in community service, leadership development, and physical fitness activities.

He Becomes Lord High Admiral

Elizabeth confers on him the honor of being the titular head of the Royal Navy.

Why We Love Prince Philip

  1. He enjoyed serving his people

    He was president of the World Wildlife Fund and the International Award program. He also served in the Royal Navy for many years despite his aging body, which he did because he loved his people.

  2. He was an active man

    From a young age, Philip loved sports and was involved in many different hobbies, including painting and designing jewelry. As an old man, he continued participating in charity events and hobbies.

  3. He was humble

    Despite being part of the royal family, he was able to relate to people lower than him without looking down on them. Instead, he uplifted the people of his nation through his actions in service to them and was a perfect example of a humble prince.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was born at home

    He was born on the dining table in his parents’ house.

  2. He married his distant cousin

    The two lovebirds are the great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

  3. He dislikes oysters

    Despite being born on an island, Philip was not a fan of the delicacy.

  4. He has Nazi relatives

    This was something he didn’t have a choice in when his sisters decided to marry Nazi soldiers.

  5. He was an artist and designer

    Philip was interested in art and would create artistic pictures and sometimes jewelry designs.

Prince Philip FAQs

Why did Prince Philip move out of the royal house?

Philip reportedly preferred life away from the busyness of the palace and wanted to be in a more quiet and peaceful place.

How many languages did Prince Philip speak?

He spoke three languages — French, English, and German.

Why couldn’t Prince Philip’s children take his last name?

British officials and the monarchy disapproved of the decision and insisted that the surname Windsor be kept.

Prince Philip’s birthday dates

2024June 10Monday
2025June 10Tuesday
2026June 10Wednesday
2027June 10Thursday
2028June 10Saturday

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