January 7th Birthdays

We have 8 birthdays listed for January 7.

January 7th is the seventh day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, William Dickson received a motion picture film patent, the first transatlantic telephone service occurred between New York City and London, an the government of Fidel Castro was recognized by the United States. Famous birthdays include Nicholas Cage, Kenny Loggins, and Butterfly McQueen. January 7th also marks National Bobblehead Day.

Rand Paul’s Birthday

He stands out and is ready to defend his ideology, a true upholder of democracy.


Lewis Hamilton’s Birthday

Hamilton’s often praised for his ability to make few to no mistakes on the race track.


Lamar Jackson’s Birthday

This quarterback’s mindset, attitude, focus, and dedication are exemplary! Learn more with us.


Clix’s Birthday

This talented eSports player continues to be a role model for millions of “Fortnite” fans worldwide.


Camille Rowe’s Birthday

Camille Rowe is a gorgeous creature; we see why Harry Styles couldn’t stop singing about her.


Blue Ivy Carter’s Birthday

Blue Ivy Carter became the youngest person to feature in a Billboard-charting song.