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40 Sentimental Gifts

Everyone you love is going to appreciate the sentiment behind these great gift ideas.

Some people prefer practical gifts that fit right into how they prefer to do things. Others appreciate a present that makes their sides ache from an abundance of laughter. However, sentimental gifts, ones that make them shed a tear, are a great way to tell those closest to you, your mom, dad, significant other, sibling, or best friend, just how much you care. A lot of the gift ideas on this list bank on that and rely on being able to personalize them with their names, anniversary dates, zodiac signs, birthstones, birth flowers, and home states to give the gift personal meaning.  

Our Top 3 Picks


E-Gift Card
Treat yourself to a variety of comforting dishes and desserts.

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Also Great

Moon Lamp
A chance to get the hyper-realistic glow of the moon in the palm of your hands.

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Good on a Budget

Personalized Acrylic Song with Photo
Giving a classic gesture a modern twist.

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Sentimental Gifts for Boyfriend

Medium Snap Journal With Pen Loop

Leatherology’s monogrammable, full-grain leather journal is made to last and can be refilled as much as needed. If you think he’s a fan of writing, but haven’t been able to think of what to get him, this will be a great way to show him you care. Whatever they write in this journal, they’ll always have a piece of you with them.


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Personalized Acrylic Song With Photo

From cassette tapes to CDs, making someone a heartfelt playlist has always been one of the sweetest gestures. It can be customized with a photo and Spotify link to a memorable song.


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Table Topic Cards

Boring dinners are a thing of the past with these cards from Table Topics. Each cube comes with 135 thought-provoking topics to help keep meal times and relationships interesting. With six themes ranging from card sets for families, couples, and friends, you’ll give them a chance to get to know the people in their life a little better.


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How Do I Love Thee From A-Z

Follow 26 prompts typed out in old-school typewriter font to leave your loved one with a bound notebook of love letters they can keep for life. It’s perfect for recording your romantic moments, memories, inside jokes, and all the tiny and enormous reasons why you love them. 


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Create Your Own Reel Viewer

As a kid, flipping through a reel viewer was something you thought about doing. It just seemed like one of life’s greatest joys. Just because they’re all grown up doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy playing with one. Fill the reel with snapshots of their most cherished memories for a gift that’ll fill them with nostalgia. 


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Moon Lamp

The phrase “I love you to the moon and back” takes on a whole new meaning with this glowing light placed on their nightstand. Charge it up to full capacity to get up to 10 hours of light, and toggle between different glow colors with easy touch control. 


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I Am Everything Affirmation Card Deck

When you can’t be there to tell him just how amazing he is, he can whip out these cards for a healthy dose of positive affirmation and self-talk. Each card spells out a positive message, encouraging them to be grateful, open with themselves and persevere through the hard times.


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Vouchers for Lovers

Something sweet, spicy, or both. Gift your significant other with this pack of 20 coupons. Some of them will encourage your partner to bring out their romantic side and others will encourage the two of you two get some more quality alone time. 


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Sentimental Gifts for Mom

Colwood Night Stand Book Holder

Help your book lover get rid of their paper bookmarks and replace them with this wooden book holder. They can place their book on the stand and pick up right where they left off later. There are six different wood color options to choose from.


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My Family Cookbook

The My Family Cookbook is a sweet gift that will make sure the family lives on. The family can add plenty of recipes to it, making it a family heirloom that gets gifted to the next generation and many more to come. 


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Loved Ones Handwriting Coffee Mug

A mug that sends a meaningful message that works especially well for anyone that doesn’t get to see their loved ones as often or may have lost them. You can make it special by customizing it with words of your choice, in your handwriting, or someone else’s.


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Personalized Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar

Photos of loved ones and cherished memories are a great source of joy. Structuring your daily life around them with a calendar is a far better way to fill each day with more joy and gratitude. In comes Artifact Uprising’s desktop calendar that’s sustainably made from reclaimed wood and fully customizable. You can choose what month to start in so you don’t have to wait till next year to make one.  


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Memorable Family’s 20×30 Jigsaw Puzzle

Keep them entertained by giving them a customized puzzle of their favorite picture. This puzzle also comes with a custom box, making it a special kind of gift. Choose any image to commemorate a special moment, remember a special get-together, or show love to their favorite pet.


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Custom Photo Book

Turn all the photos and mementos sitting around the house into one glossy book that the family can showcase around the house as a cohesive, beautiful keepsake. 


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Framed Photo

Framebridge will make you a custom frame for not-custom-framing prices. You can print or paint something on your own and have it framed, or have them print it and frame it. Take advantage of a skilled team of designers to get you the best frame you could want. 


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Family Pebble Portrait 

A great gift for a family. You can get a one-of-a-kind, framed custom portrait of everyone in the family, made out of pebbles and wood. It’s a unique spin on the classic family portrait. 


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Sentimental Gifts for Girlfriend

Handwriting Bracelet

A custom piece of jewelry is a thoughtful gift, but this handwritten bracelet from Etsy is on the next level. Etsy goes the extra mile letting you surprise your partner with words of your choice written in your handwriting. They come in gold, sterling silver, or rose gold colors. 


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An e-gift Card

Whether you spend most of your time together trying out different recipes or treating each other to delicious meals, you might want to consider turning your gift into a thoughtful, shared experience. Wherever they are in the world, they can call in a comforting treat from Goldbelly, which delivers regional dishes and desserts from all over. 


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Mini Letter Charm Pendant with White Diamonds

You know the saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Pick a letter and choose between 14-karat or 18-karat white, yellow, or rose gold. 


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Hand Embroidered State Pillows

Bring their favorite state right to their living room with detailed and brightly colored embroidered pillows that pay homage to each state’s cities and cultural touchpoints. If they’ve got a favorite state, there’s a pillow just for them.


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The Intersection of Love Frame

Help her commemorate the day the two of you met for the first time. This frame features a unique and sophisticated design for the couple that recently started the rest of their lives together. 


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Personalized Wine Labels

Celebrate a special occasion in their life, a birthday achievement, or new life stages like marriage, with a bottle of wine. This time the wine will come with a thoughtful personalized label they’ll want to keep. 


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Custom Watercolor Wedding Venue Illustration

For something deeply thoughtful and to celebrate the rest of your lives together, commission a custom watercolor of their wedding venue or location. All you have to do is send the artist a photo of the location, the couple’s first and last names, and the wedding date. 


Get one at Etsy.


Family Recipe Cutting Board

Get this for her because she loves to cook, and something about family recipes makes meals taste even better. This cutting board offers a unique way to preserve those special recipes. Ingredients and directions are engraved on solid cherry wood and can even be edged in the recipe writer’s handwriting. 


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Sentimental Gifts for Men

Custom Map Poster

Get a custom poster designed out of a map detailing any location of your choice in the world. That includes their hometown, college town, or any of their favorite travel destinations. 


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Personalized Watch

If you’re looking for something subtle and impactful, an engraved watch is a classic for a reason. They can keep it forever, wear it every day, and people will know just how important it is to you without having to ask. It’s functional, thoughtful, and timeless. 


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Custom Comic Book

If you think you can afford it, why turn down a chance to own a beautifully designed comic book featuring you as the lead character or a superhero? How about a comic book version of a memorable moment in their life? Get a comic, email the makers with your story, and send photos of the characters with a setting to make sure everything looks right.


Get one at Etsy.


A Mug of Them and Their Favorite Hobby

Whether it’s a friend, family, or a newly engaged couple, turn these mugs into characters that resemble their likeness. One side features the artists’ depiction of them, personalized depending on your specifications, and the owner’s first name, while the other displays their family name and year established or year born, or it could be the year you met.  


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Personalized Home Map Rocks Glasses

While these rock glasses aren’t engraved with names, anniversary dates, or heartfelt messages, they’re still more personal than anything else he might have loaded on his bar cart. 


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Custom Pet Portrait

They love you, but you probably know that when it comes to their pet, you might not be able to compete. Choose one of the many god or cat photos they’ve taken and sent you over the years, and turn it into a watercolor portrait in varying sizes, framed or unframed. 


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Personalized Men’s GPS Coordinate Bracelet

Even if he’s not normally a jewelry guy, he’s going to appreciate having this leather cord bracelet, especially when he noticed the GPS coordinates from where you first met or fell in love with the silver disc. Engrave a special message on the back that only he can see.


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Custom Embroidered Sweatshirts

Celebrate that special person in your life with one of these custom sweatshirts. Get this on their special day, which will be embroidered in roman numerals on the chest, and their initials, or yours, on the sleeves.


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Sentimental Gifts for Best Friend

Personalized Gift Box

Let them know you’re thinking of them with an adorable custom gift box from Greetabl. Choose a mini gift like caramels or chocolates, a gift card, and a note and photos you can deliver to their doorstep.


Get one on Greetabl.


Birth Month Flower Paint-by-Number Kit

Inspired by the month of the person you’re giving the gift to, this paint-by-numbers kit is a fun activity and a gift rolled into one. The kit lets them create a painting of the flowers related to their birth month, along with a description of the characteristics of each month and flower. 


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Scallop Spine Notebook

Whether they love making lists or hitting down their ideas, the writer in your life will appreciate a trusty notebook to store all their notes and stories. These notebooks aren’t like your usual options, they can be customized with a monogram and lined, dotted, or plain pages. They come in solid colors and several fun designs.


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Soundwave Art Print

Send in a song and artist or email an audio file of you or someone you care about speaking. This Etsy shop will turn it into a personalized sound wave print. This gift is especially thoughtful for long-distance relationships or for commemorating loved ones. 


Get one at Etsy.


Set of Two Filimin Long-Distance Touch Lamps

Everyone’s got something going on these days, and finding the time to keep up with loved ones just isn’t as easy as it should be. A set of paired lamps, one that lights up when the other one is touched, lets your friend know you’ve still got them in mind even when you don’t have time to talk. 


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Ski Resort Blueprints

Whether they grew up on the slopes or drag friends and family along as adults, skiers can take their favorite slopes home with them with this blueprint-inspired art. Featuring iconic ski resorts like Park City, Vail, and Breckenridge, each officially licensed print is made with a vintage, distressed finish and contains detailed historical and statistical facts about the area.


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Polaroid Hi-Print Printer

It’s small enough to stow in a bag or purse for travel, and it comes with customizable features like stickers, filters, and borders to edit photos within the polaroid app. 


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Homesick Candles

If they’re a long way from home, this affordable candle is a small but meaningful gesture that can bring them a little closer. Uniquely specific scents are made to capture the essence of different states and cities or memories like road trips, backyard BBQs, and cooking in Grandma’s kitchen.


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