Zach Clayton

Zach Clayton is the son of Apryll Clayton and was born in Round Rock, Texas, on June 22, 2000. His zodiac sign is Cancer and he is a talented YouTuber, Instagram star, and singer. As a young comedy master, there’s no telling how far this star will go! Celebrate his special day with us right here, right now!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Zach Reed Clayton


BruhitsZach, Squirrel, King of YouNow.

Birth date:

June 22, 2000



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Zach's Social Media:


Zach Reed Clayton, better known as social media star Zach Clayton, is the son of Apryll Clayton. From a very young age, he showed himself to have an innate talent at sports: At 3 years old, and between goal and goal, he earned a reputation in soccer. His talent was such that he became the star of the soccer team of his school, as well as a shining talent to the soccer sports club “Lonestar.”

But despite having a talent for this sport, fate knocked on his door, and Clayton began to navigate the world of social media. It was there that he managed to build a perception of who he would be on social media and of what he could become, and with that in mind, his ambition changed completely: He no longer wanted to be a professional player but a sensation on the Internet.

In 2014, he decided to venture into the YouNow platform and created a profile so he could talk to his friends, however, while doing so he saw the potential of the platform and decided to broadcast videos to a broader audience.

This is how “BruhitsZach” was born, the digital channel where content such as cooking recipes, jokes between friends, and trending challenges was published. The channel was so popular that its fame spread to other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. However, Clayton did not want to settle for that, so he decided to explore other fields and ventured into the world of music. Accompanied by other YouNow creators such as Nick Bean, Edwin Burgos, Rudan Custodio, and Silas Van, Clayton created 5quad, a band with whom he embarked on a tour.

The success of the band and each member was promoted significantly, so much so that by 2016, Clayton’s channel was one of the most-watched globally, and this figure continues to rise not only on the YouNow platform but also on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Very little is known about his personal life, for 2016 he went out with Baby Ariel and in 2017 with Daniella Perkins, two influencers with whom he had a beautiful but short relationship. Clayton is currently focused on his personal and professional growth.

Career timeline

Lonestar's Star

Clayton shows a remarkable talent for soccer.


Clayton successfully creates and launches the channel with which he gains his fame.

The 5th of 5quad

He becomes the fifth member of the musical group 5quad, comprising himself, Nick Bean, Edwin Burgos, Rudan Custos, and Silas Vaan.

In the Sky of YouNow

Zach becomes a star of YouNow, and his channel is among the top three.

Why We Love Zach Clayton

  1. He cares about the mental health of his fans

    On several occasions, he has published videos on his social media aimed at people who suffer bullying. Through his videos, he tries to encourage victims of bullying and lead them to overcome this situation.

  2. He does the craziest things

    To make his fans laugh and entertain them himself, he has put himself in unusual situations. For example, to impress his fans, he drank toilet water.

  3. He is openly opposed to racism

    Through the digital platform YouNow, he has constantly spoken out to oppose racism. He has participated in several charitable events in which he promotes awareness of this issue.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Looking for a future in sports

    He showed a talent for soccer at the ripe age of three, however, his destiny was on social media.

  2. Almost lost his life at an early age

    At the age of six, he was almost run over by a driver after he ran after a ball in the middle of the street and did not look on both sides to see if a car was coming.

  3. He fights harassment

    Since his rise on social media, he has always used digital platforms to raise awareness about harassment and bullying.

  4. A brave man, but he's also human

    Although brave and unapologetic, he has a strong phobia of spiders and snakes.

  5. He's a Nesquik-holic

    His favorite drink on the planet is Nesquik strawberry milk.

Zach Clayton FAQs

Does Zach have pets?

Yes, he has three dogs and a cat.

Why is Zach Clayton famous?

He is famous for his hilarious videos.

Is Zach dating Daniella Perkins?

No, they dated in 2017 for a couple of months but are now separated.

Zach Clayton’s birthday dates

2024June 22Saturday
2025June 22Sunday
2026June 22Monday
2027June 22Tuesday
2028June 22Thursday

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