Tommie Lee

Tommie Lee, born June 19, 1984, is an Atlanta-based rapper and reality television star best known for “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” She had a guest role in the pilot and remained a supporting character until season five, becoming a cast member. We celebrate this reality star on her special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Atasha Chizaah Jefferson

Birth date:

June 19, 1984



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Atasha's Social Media:


Tommie Lee is an American rapper, reality TV star, and urban model best known for her appearance on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Lee, of African-American descent, was born in the United States on June 19, 1984, in Newark, New Jersey. She was raised by her mom, Samantha. Duby and Yani are her brothers, and Rayjasha and Versace are her two sisters — although Lee and her sister Versace don’t get along well.

Lee worked as a concert publicist before making her reality television debut. In 2012, she first appeared on reality television in the series “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” She appeared in the first season as a guest at Rasheeda Frost’s listening event. She then enters season five’s supporting cast as rapper Scrapp DeLeon’s girlfriend. The season follows their rocky relationship as well as her violent feud with DeLeon’s baby mama, Tiarra Becca. After he is arrested for marijuana trafficking, the couple splits up. She then begins a bitter dispute with Joseline Hernandez, culminating in an off-camera incident in which Lee is accused of attempting to run Hernandez down with her car.

In the sixth season of “Love and Hip Hop,” Lee became one of the few cast members who were promoted to lead roles. Her exploits surrounding the introduction of her wine company were the focus of the season. Lee’s “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality T.V. career took a hit while she battled drinking. Her inability to control her drinking led to her dismissal from the show. She became inebriated on-site and assaulted one of the producers and the security staff. She was recalled and appeared in two more episodes, although she was not permitted to consume alcohol on set. In season one of “Leave It to Stevie,” Lee plays a supporting role, and in season two, she makes a guest appearance. She’s featured in the “Dirty Little Secrets 2” and “The Love Edition specials.”

Lee has a long history of legal troubles, having been arrested at least once a year since 2003 on accusations ranging from disorderly conduct to identity fraud, forgery, shoplifting, theft, and violence — including a bus hijacking episode. She has two daughters, Samaria and Havali; Samaria, her eldest daughter, was born to her when she was 17 and in prison.

In 2022, Lee served as a casting judge and is a producer for Zeus Network’s original hit series “Baddies West.”

Career timeline

Lee Joins the "LHHATL” Cast

In the series "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," she makes her debut appearance on reality television as a guest.

She Becomes a Major Character

In the fifth season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Lee joins the show as a key cast member.

Her Debut Song

Lee releases her first rap tune, ‘Payday,’ in January to kick off her rap career.

She Suffers Indictment

She faces a seven-count charge, among which included disruption of a public school, aggravated stalking, violence, and aggravated assault.

Hosting Queen

Lee hosts multiple events, such as 'BLACKLIST: The Official Black Party Experience'

Why We Love Tommie Lee

  1. She is very entertaining

    On the T.V. show "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," Lee is known for bringing all the much-needed tea, drama, and entertainment. She is always ready to give the audience what they want.

  2. She never gives up

    Lee has been through a lot in her life, from childhood to adulthood. She has struggled with alcoholism and temper difficulties, and she has spent time in jail. Regardless of these circumstances, Lee has always strived to improve herself and has never given up on her dreams.

  3. She is a fashionista

    When it comes to fashion, Lee has never failed to wow. On "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," she is known for always looking cute and dressing nicely for the occasion. Her make-up is nearly flawless, and her hair is always well styled.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. A hot-headed teenager

    Lee ran away from home as an adolescent; she eventually ended up in jail, after which her mother contacted the juvenile police.

  2. She’s been to jail many times

    Disorderly behavior, identity fraud, forgery, shoplifting, theft, and violence were among the charges that landed her in jail on multiple occasions, and she acknowledged that the experience had a significant impact on her life.

  3. A strained relationship with her mom

    Lee and her mother have a strained relationship; even though they love each other, they can be downright unpleasant to each other at times.

  4. Her first child was born in prison

    Lee came dangerously close to losing Samaria, having been arrested when she was eight months pregnant with her, eventually delivering her in prison.

  5. Her mother’s ex-boyfriend helped her

    Lee began her career in the music industry with the assistance of her mother's ex-boyfriend, rapper KK King, who had industry connections.

Tommie Lee FAQs

How old are Tommie Lee’s daughters?

Samaria Lee is 20 years old, while Havali, her younger sister, is 16.

What is Tommie Lee’s real name?

Her real name is Atasha Chizaah Jefferson.

Did Tommie Lee have plastic surgery?

Lee addressed plastic surgery rumors in a now-deleted Instagram video post from 2017: “My cheeks, my face, I didn’t get surgery on my face,” she said at the time.

Tommie Lee’s birthday dates

2024June 19Wednesday
2025June 19Thursday
2026June 19Friday
2027June 19Saturday
2028June 19Monday

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