Money Man

Tysen Jay Bolding, A.K.A. Money Man, was born on February 27, 1986. He started his music career way back in 2012 and today, he’s considered one of the most recognized rap artists in America. He has released songs that have topped the U.S. charts and he still has the drive to keep going. His resilience, talent, and commitment have endeared him to fans, and this is why we’re celebrating his birthday!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Tysen Jay Bolding


Money Man

Birth date:

February 27, 1986



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Tysen's Social Media:


Tysen Jay Bolding is a unique American rapper with the reputation of being the first American rapper to get paid via Bitcoin. Well, they don’t call him “Money Man” for nothing. He was born into a middle-class family on February 27, 1986, in the Bronx, New York. When he turned two, his family moved to Atlanta. He is of African-American descent and a Pisces. His interest in music was born during his childhood, and he even began creating his rhymes at age seven.

He has released several mixtapes, albums, and singles with reputable acts in his niche. However, his trajectory to success only became more visible in 2016 after he released ‘Boss Up’ and ‘How It Feel.’ He also released his “Black Circle” mixtape trilogy the same year — one in January, another one in September, and the last one in November. Due to the success of these mixtapes and his singles, he signed with two record labels in 2017 — Cash Money Records and Republic Records. After releasing three mixtapes, he ended his contract in 2018.

By 2018, he released his Billboard 200 charting mixtape, “Paranoia.” In 2020, he released the “Epidemic” and “State of Emergency” mixtapes. The single ’24,’ released on the “Epidemic” mixtape became double platinum-certified by R.I.A.A. that same year. In total, he has released 20 mixtapes and has multiple features with reputable acts such as Lil Baby, Money Bagg Yo, and many others.

Career timeline

He Releases Two Songs

His two songs, ‘Boss Up’ and ‘How it Feel,’ do well on the charts.

He Gets a Record Deal

He signs to Cash Money Records and Republic Records.

The “Paranoia” Mixtape is Released

He drops this mixtape and it peaks on the Billboard 200 charts at number 36.

He Gets a Double Platinum Certification

His single ‘24’ gets double platinum R.I.A.A. certified.

His "Blockchain" Album

He releases a new album called "Blockchain."

Why We Love Money Man

  1. He’s worked hard consistently

    He has been releasing mixtapes every other year. His drive is commendable.

  2. He has a healthy lifestyle

    He revealed his lifestyle is 90% vegan. He believes it’s a healthier way to live.

  3. He’s talented

    Bolding is very talented. His voice and flow are subliminal.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has curly hair

    Underneath the long dreadlocks, he has curly hair.

  2. He owns a white horse

    He has a white horse, which he has previously displayed in his music videos.

  3. He sold goods in school

    He revealed that he wasn’t paying attention during his school years as he was more focused on being an entrepreneur.

  4. He almost stopped rapping

    When he started making money from other businesses, he didn’t feel the need to continue as a rapper anymore.

  5. He wasn’t aware of Spotify

    When he released ‘Black Circle’ in 2016, he released it only on YouTube as he wasn’t aware that artists could release songs on Spotify.

Money Man FAQs

When is Money Man’s album coming out?

Since he has a long-term deal for releasing his singles and albums, we can expect him to drop a lot of albums very soon.

Does Money Man use autotune?

Yes, the rapper uses autotune in his songs.

Where was Money Man raised?

Bolding was raised in Decatur, Georgia.

Money Man’s birthday dates

2025February 27Thursday
2026February 27Friday
2027February 27Saturday
2028February 27Sunday
2029February 27Tuesday

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