Steven Fernandez

Steven Fernandez was born on February 27, 2000. He is a professional skateboarder who rose to fame after posting videos of himself performing numerous tricks on the board. Before deciding to pursue a career as a professional skateboarder, Fernandez created several videos demonstrating how to accomplish his numerous stunts on the skateboard. He starred in the feature film “Search Party,” which was released by Universal Films. In his skateboarding videos, Fernandez wears several brands’ items to promote them. He regularly uploads these videos to his YouTube account for the world to see.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Steven Fernandez


Baby Scumbag, Lil Cloud

Birth date:

February 27, 2000



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Net Worth:

$1 million

Steven's Social Media:


Steven Fernandez was born on February 27, 2000, in Compton, California. He had three brothers and one sister when he was growing up. His parents were impoverished and had to fend for themselves to feed their children and pay their bills. His father had eye cancer, and his mother was unemployed, causing the family to be in dire financial straits. They somehow survived and hoped for a miracle that could change their lives forever. Fernandez had an unusual childhood because of his poor background; thus, he spent much time skateboarding. His father, a professional skateboarder, taught him how to skateboard at a young age. Fernandez made money from endorsing numerous brands’ products as a skateboarder and transformed his family’s existence.

Fernandez began skateboarding at a young age since he hailed from a disadvantaged home and had few other options for entertainment. Since 2012, he has been making videos and appearing in them. The first firm to sponsor his skateboarding video was Premier Skate Board Shop, after which Fernandez established himself as a professional skateboarder. After this break, he used his skateboarding skills to advertise for more brands. Fernandez rose to prominence after appearing in a documentary created by “Frontline” on social media’s teen stars. On Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, he has over 180,000, over 700,000, and over 100,000 followers, respectively. Honey Brand, a local apparel brand that makes skateboard clothes, has signed a deal with him and KeelanDadd to market their products. He also pushes articles for other companies, including The Berrics, Treehouse, Gold Wheels, Grizzly Griptape, and others.

Fernadez is an odd YouTube celebrity who has made headlines for his films on various topics, ranging from personal experiences to videos with a lot of comedic humor. He is well-known for the videos he makes of various stunts that he can do on a skateboard and complements the trick videos with instructions on how to perform them, which has made him quite popular among young skateboarders.

Career timeline

Fernandez is Born

Fernandez enters the world on February 27 in Compton, California.

He Starts Making Videos

Fernandez begins to make skate videos.

“Search Party”

Fernandez appears in the movie “Search Party.”

“No Jumper”

Fernandez is a guest on a well-known podcast called “No Jumper.”

He Stops Tweeting

Fernandez becomes inactive on Twitter.

Why We Love Steven Fernandez

  1. He has an entertaining personality

    All of his content show that Fernandez knows how to entertain his fans. He puts up enjoyable content.

  2. He’s a hard worker

    Fernandez worked hard and established his name in skateboarding. It helped him to provide for his family.

  3. He gives skateboarding tips

    He doesn’t shy away from teaching people. Fernandez often gives tips on how to do certain skateboarding tricks in his videos.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He went to jail for sexual assault

    Fernandez got arrested in 2015 for sexual assault.

  2. He picks up girls

    Aside from skate videos, Fernandez also makes videos of him picking up girls from the street.

  3. His ugliness is his charm

    Fernandez never felt attractive; however, he thinks that’s what attracted people to him.

  4. He wiped his Instagram

    Fernandez is not active on social media as he had wiped his Instagram and hasn’t been active on Twitter since 2018.

  5. He makes music

    Other than skateboarding, Fernandez also raps under the name ‘Lil Cloud.’

Steven Fernandez FAQs

What happened to Steven Fernandez?

Fernandez was accused of sexually assaulting three teenage girls.

How old was Steven Fernandez when he went to jail?

Fernandez was 15 years old at the time.

How old is Steven Fernandez?

Fernandez is currently 22 years old.

Steven Fernandez’s birthday dates

2025February 27Thursday
2026February 27Friday
2027February 27Saturday
2028February 27Sunday
2029February 27Tuesday

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