Katy Hearn

Katy Hearn was born in Maryland on September 6, 1991. She’s a fitness influencer who garnered a reputation for her workout regimes and aspirational lifestyle. Inspiringly, she opted for a healthy lifestyle at a young age and has been super toned and fit for years. To maintain a certain appearance, Hearn follows a strict diet. It’s been years since Hearn kicked out junk food from her life, and she vows to never turn back to it!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Katy Hearn

Birth date:

September 6, 1991



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2 million

Katy's Social Media:


Katy Hearn is a social media star and a model with almost 1.8 million Instagram followers. Her fame sprouted from her strict fitness regime and the stunning pictures she uploads — each of them a testament to her dedication.

Hearn’s journey to success started in her early 20s when she went out for a fun night. Like all other girls her age, she dressed up and took several pictures of her outing. The next day, when browsing through her pictures, she noticed she wasn’t as thin as she once was. She had never gone to the gym before, but her sudden weight gain made her realize that she had to take some measures to turn her life around. In several interviews, Hearn stated that not only had she gained 15 pounds, but she had also become lazy and sedentary. All she did was eat junk food and drink beer.

These pictures being a bit of a reality check, she turned her life around and decided to change her daily habits, including what she ate and drank. She also joined a gym and started focusing on building muscle. Within a few months, her efforts began to bear fruit. Fortunately for us, Hearn decided to reach out to others regarding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and became a personal trainer and owner of KatyHearnFitness L.L.C. Hearn also owns two fitness clubs — one in Crosby and the other in Wallasey.

Career timeline

The Fit Way

Katy Hearn adapts to a healthy lifestyle.

Train For Success

She takes a personal training course.


Her interview is published in “U.S.A. Today.”

A Star Is Born

Hearn starts her YouTube channel.

Why We Love Katy Hearn

  1. She’s fit

    We love Katy Hearn because she adapted to a fit lifestyle at a young age. She’s not addicted to junk food, nor does she choose to party over a good workout.

  2. She’s focused

    Hearn turned her life around at a young age and since then, she has remained focused on following a particular health regime. The resilience she possesses is unique.

  3. She’s a good trainer

    Hearn is impressive because she has chosen to live a healthy lifestyle, and also shares her tips and tricks with people. She is a professional trainer with a body to die for!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Previous weight

    Katy Hearn once weighed less than 100 pounds.

  2. Cardio workout

    Hearn jogs and does High-Intensity Interval Training.

  3. Workout for legs

    She prefers sled pulls.

  4. Eating habits

    Hearn stays within her macronutrient target for the day.

  5. Menu

    Some of the dishes in her meal plan include chicken breast with rice and beans and steak with red potatoes and broccoli.

Katy Hearn FAQs

Is the Fit by Katy app free?

Yes, the app can be downloaded for free.

Where did Katy Hearn grow up?

She grew up in Louisville, Kentucky.

How do I cancel my Katy Hearn Fit app?

Contact customer service and ask them to terminate the account.

Katy Hearn’s birthday dates

2024September 6Friday
2025September 6Saturday
2026September 6Sunday
2027September 6Monday
2028September 6Wednesday

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