Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray, born on September 15, 1996, is an American fitness bikini model and YouTube star with multiple bodybuilding and fitness competition victories under her belt. She has a large online following, with over 25 million Instagram followers, and rose to popularity for her fitness and health videos. She also has a YouTube channel where she offers glimpses into her daily life. Join us in wishing this star a happy birthday.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Sommer Ray


Queen Balfi

Birth date:

September 15, 1996



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$8 million

Sommer's Social Media:


Sommer Ray’s Instagram page is full of jaw-dropping selfies that have captured the attention of millions of people. She was born in Denver, Colorado, and works as a model on Instagram and a beauty blogger. Her mother, Shannon Ray, is Czechoslovakian, and her father, Mr. Ray, was a competitive bodybuilder. Ray’s older sister, Savana, and her younger sister, Skylyn, are also social media stars. Their other sibling is called Bronson. Ray spent most of her childhood relocating to several cities due to her parents’ jobs.

Ray began her fitness journey at 15 years old after her family relocated to Lone Tree, Colorado. She started with weight-lifting sessions in her basement gym. She acquired the body she sought to compete in bikini competitions in under a year. She won two awards in the 2015 N.P.C. Colorado State Championship in the categories of Bikini Class D and Bikini Teen. In the same year, she finished 16th in the N.P.C. U.S.A. Championship. Ray launched her social media career the next year by sharing pictures and videos on Instagram and became an internet phenomenon after her breathtaking photographs went viral. She had, however, established her internet profile much earlier, in 2013, when she posted a few amusing videos on Vine. “Sports Illustrated” named Ray the “Lovely Lady of the Day” in 2016. She eventually shifted her focus and decided to pursue a career as a bikini model. Several swimwear brands approached her and asked her to model for their campaigns. Myokore, a company that makes bungee accessories, hired her as a bikini model. In July 2017, she released her debut video, “My First Vlog Ever.” She also has a clothing line that she sells on her shopping site and has participated in the M.T.V. sketch comedy series “Wild ‘N Out.”

In October of 2017, Ray began dating actor Max Ehrich. She also appeared in the actor’s ‘Can’t Forget Her Now’ music video. With the help of Bella Thorne, a mutual friend, their paths crossed. Bennett Sipes, a contestant on “Love Island U.S.” in September 2020, claimed he was dating Ray. The two reportedly dated in 2018, and Sipes said on the show that they had even moved in together before things went south. In March 2020, Machine Gun Kelly revealed his connection with Ray on social media. However, things must have swiftly deteriorated since the couple appeared to have broken up within three months.

Career timeline

Her First Brand Deal

At the age of 16, she is roped in as a bikini model by 'Myokore.’

Her First Modeling Recognition

Ray wins two trophies at the N.P.C. Colorado State Championship in the categories — Bikini Class D and Bikini Teen.

Her Instagram Career Kicks Off

She starts taking Instagram seriously and quickly amasses a major following.

Ray Launches Her Clothing Line

She launches her very first clothing line.

Her First Acting Credit

Ray makes an appearance in the Comedy series “King Bachelor’s Pad.”

Why We Love Sommer Ray

  1. She promotes body positivity

    During an interview with “Forbes,” Ray talked about having a positive body image in response to her stance on plastic surgery. She affirmed that she is a lover of natural beauty and loves it when people look at themselves uniquely. She further explained that plastic surgery takes away the parts that make someone unique.

  2. She is inspirational

    “I want my brand to grow into an immense empire. I want girls to feel empowered to build their own companies and see me as a businesswoman beyond just a fitness model/influencer. I also started and grew the #beyou movement with my shop because I want all people to be confident in who they are,” says Ray.

  3. Her natural beauty

    Sommer hasn't had any cosmetic surgery, unlike many Instagram models. Her healthy body is a result of strong genes, a balanced diet, and dedicated gym time. She began exercising with weights with her father when she was a child, and at the age of 16, she began competing in bodybuilding competitions.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has many pets

    She has six snakes, three dogs, one cat, a tarantula, two frogs, and three beta fish.

  2. Her favorite animal

    Her favorite animal is a cheetah — she believes it is her spirit animal.

  3. She grew up on a ranch

    Ray was raised on a ranch which is probably the reason for her crazy appreciation for nature and animals.

  4. Her favorite actor/actress

    Robert Downey Jr. is her favorite actor, and Bella Thorne is her favorite actress.

  5. Her love for pizza

    Ray loves pizza and often eats it.

Sommer Ray FAQs

What happened to Sommer Ray's arm?

Although she generally doesn’t draw attention to it, that doesn’t mean she’s not proud of it: Her left arm is permanently covered in what appears to be red markings. If you’re concerned, definitely don’t be! It’s just a birthmark.

What high school did Sommer Ray attend?

She completed her schooling at a Local Denver School in Colorado, the United States.

Is Sommer Ray white or black?

She belongs to a Caucasian-white ethnic background, while her nationality is American.

Sommer Ray’s birthday dates

2024September 15Sunday
2025September 15Monday
2026September 15Tuesday
2027September 15Wednesday
2028September 15Friday

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