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Dorian Hunter, born on October 1, 1973, became well-known among “MasterChef” fans after winning the 10th season in 2019. Although Hunter has always had a passion for cooking, most of her career journey she spent working as a creeler at a carpet factory. However, the passionate cook decided to follow her dreams and take part in the biggest cooking reality show, “MasterChef.” As a “MasterChef” winner, she underwent training at the restaurants of the three “MasterChef” judges and is currently working on new recipes in preparation for her own cookbook. While she currently cooks and caters for private events and parties, she also aspires to open up her own restaurant. Let’s get to know the ambitious “MasterChef” winner as we’re celebrating her birthday!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Dorian Hunter

Birth date:

October 1, 1973



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5' 6"

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Dorian Hunter is known as the winner of the season 10 “MasterChef” show in 2019. Born on October 1, 1973, in Canton, Ohio, Hunter has always had a passion for cooking growing up and was inspired by her mother who was an excellent cook. After finishing school, Hunter obtained an Associate’s Degree of Science and a Le Cordon Bleu certificate in Culinary Arts from McIntosh College in Dover, New Hampshire. Before entering the “MasterChef” competition, the passionate cook worked as a creeler, revealing that her true passion and interest lie in cooking and not at the carpet factory.

Hunter finally decided to follow her dreams and entered the “MasterChef” competition reality show in 2019. During the show, she displayed a short-tempered and emotional personality when working under pressure. However, she continued to wow the judges with her dishes inspired by southern cuisine. As a dedicated and determined contestant, Hunter knew the importance of the judges’ feedback which she took along with her throughout the show, winning several elimination challenges. During the finale, alongside two other contestants, Hunter impressed the judges with her final dish which led to her win. Her final cooking included scallops, short rib, and lemon blueberry tart. As the “MasterChef” winner, she won a cash prize of $250,000, training at the restaurants of the three judges, publishing rights for her own cookbook, and a Viking appliances kitchen set.

Following her “MasterChef” win, the talented chef has contributed her cash prize towards the opening of her own restaurant, is working on new recipes for her upcoming cookbook, and has attended her cooking training at the “MasterChef” judges restaurants. The “MasterChef” winner now caters for private events where she cooks delicious meals. In 2021, Hunter participated in another cooking reality show called “The Great Soul Food Cook-Off” among seven other chefs where the winner took home a $50,000 cash prize. The chef now resides in Cartersville with her husband and two children who get to enjoy her delicious cooking daily!

Career timeline

Hunter Wins “MasterChef”

Hunter becomes the season 10 winner of “MasterChef.”

She Creates a Website

Hunter starts her own cooking website and publishes recipes, hosts online classes, and sells merchandise.

Her Own Catering Business

Hunter starts cooking meals for private events and provides her contact details on her website for bookings.

Another Cooking Reality Show

Hunter participates in another cooking reality show, “The Great Soul Food Cook-Off.”

Why We Love Dorian Hunter

  1. She’s supporting cancer research

    Hunter revealed that she would be working with cancer research groups. Given his mother's death from cancer, she wants others to be aware of the illness and the importance of getting screened. It also shows that she has empathy.

  2. Her ability to cook under pressure

    Okay, how many of you can produce quality dishes under pressure and limited time? Hunter has shown resilience throughout the entire season 10 of “MasterChef.” She’s broken down in tears in quite a few episodes. However, she was still able to impress the chefs with her recipes!

  3. She proves that age is just a number

    Hunter decided to compete in “MasterChef” during her mid-40s, became the winner, and is now pursuing her dreams as a chef! She’s working on a few new recipes for her own cookbook while working towards the opening of her own restaurant. While many might think the only right time to pursue your dreams is in early adulthood, we say you’re never too old to chase your dreams!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. The first African-descent “MasterChef” winner

    Hunter became the first African-American female to win “MasterChef” in the show’s history.

  2. The oldest “MasterChef” winner

    She was 45 years old at the time, making Hunter the oldest winner of American “MasterChef.”

  3. She has nine siblings

    Hunter is child number five of 10 children from her parents, James and Phyllis Hunter.

  4. Hunter’s favorite food

    Hunter loves Italian cuisine.

  5. Her mother passed away

    Sadly, her mother passed away in 2017 due to breast cancer.

Dorian Hunter FAQs

How many challenges has Dorian Hunter won on “MasterChef?”

Along with Nick, Hunter was tied for the most challenge wins in her season with six challenges.

Do “MasterChef” contestants get paid?

MasterChef contestants don’t get paid. However, they need to give up a portion of any income earned from the show.

Is “MasterChef” scripted?

There is no evidence that “MasterChef” is scripted. Even if it isn’t scripted, it does not mean the show is happening exactly how the audience sees it. The shooting also goes through some adjustments and editing to make it more entertaining and suspenseful.

Dorian Hunter’s birthday dates

2024October 1Tuesday
2025October 1Wednesday
2026October 1Thursday
2027October 1Friday
2028October 1Sunday

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