Claudia Sampedro

Claudia Sampedro, born October 27, 1989, is an incredible model. She has managed to dominate the social media and fashion worlds, having successfully launched her clothing line. Sampedro is the celebrity we all admire for the incredible abs she shows off in different social media posts. Still, perhaps we admire her a little more for the beautiful family she has built with her talented and, obviously, athletic partner and their beautiful children.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Claudia Sampedro

Birth date:

October 27, 1989



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$1 million

Claudia's Social Media:


Claudia Sampedro is an A-list model born in Havana, Cuba. The beautiful Sampedro combines that Latin flavor with her Spanish and Moroccan heritage. When she was still a baby, her parents moved to the U.S., specifically to Miami. She became famous after she appeared on the reality show “WAGS Miami.” Still, by this point in her career, she had already had her first taste of the fashion world: her first modeling jobs were at 16.

Thanks to her first agent, Sampedro began to appear in print advertising and other advertising projects. She was a representative of the brand NutriSup. She appeared on the covers of magazines such as Mixed Magazine and Face 2 Face. But her moment came with her role in “WAGS Miami.” The show let us watch the lives of different women who shared one thing in common: being partners of athletes. Sampedro was the girlfriend of Julius Peppers, the renowned football player who plays for the North Carolina Panthers. And although the show was not as successful as she and the television network had hoped, Sampedro could not help shining with her charm and beauty. This was the moment that gave her the recognition she had been looking for. Sampedro has a huge following on her social networks, and these days she is not just another model. She has earned a title as an influential celebrity.

Sampedro has placed her clothing brand, WPOISE, in the spotlight of the fashion industry. The brand sells mostly items for women who live a fitness lifestyle. Her company continues to grow, and there’s no telling how much it will grow in the coming years. Currently, she has a huge fan base, with more than a million followers on Instagram. She shares moments of her daily life with her family, and shares tips, routines, and exercises to lead a healthier life.

Career timeline

The Debut Into Modeling

Claudi Sampedro debuts as a model, at just 16 years of age.

Claudia and Julius

Sampedro begins dating talented football player Julius Pepper who is still her partner to date.

The Debut Into Reality T.V.

Sampedro’s career blooms after she appears in the reality show “WAGS Miami.”

The Launch of a Clothing Line

Sampedro starts her own clothing brand, WPOISE.

Why We Love Claudia Sampedro

  1. Her little ones are her greatest passion

    We often see her with the kids having a wonderful time. She is truly a loving and dedicated mother.

  2. She has a fascinating family

    Sampedro and Peppers have a son together, and they also live together with other children from their past relationships. She has said that they all get along well

  3. Fitness Heart

    Sampedro doesn't get involved with the fitness world because it's trendy or gives her a following. Instead, she truly lives to be a healthy person and tries to teach this to her children and her followers.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She was in the world of medicine

    Before jumping to stardom, Sampedro worked in a plastic surgeon's office.

  2. She loves her video games

    Thanks to what Sampedro shares on Instagram, we know she enjoys spending several hours playing Fortnite.

  3. ‘Don't Stop the Party’

    Maybe you're familiar with her face, and you don't know why: Sampedro appears in the famous video clip of the song ‘Don’t Stop the Party’ by Pitbull.

  4. The new Kardashian

    Sampedro has often been compared with Kim Kardashian: both beautiful women unleash people's affection and have a loyal following on social networks.

  5. She dated Kardashian’s ex

    Sampedro became Reggie Bushe’s girlfriend after he broke up with Kardashian.

Claudia Sampedro FAQs

Is Claudia Sampedro Spanish?

Her father is. She was born in Cuba but has lived in Miami since she was a baby.

How many children does Claudia Sampedro have?

She has one child with her current partner Julius Peppers and two more with her ex-partner.

Is Claudia Sampedro related to the Kardashians?

No, she is not. The comparisons have to do with the lifestyle and triumphs of these powerful women, but they are not related.

Claudia Sampedro’s birthday dates

2024October 27Sunday
2025October 27Monday
2026October 27Tuesday
2027October 27Wednesday
2028October 27Friday

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