Fran Lebowitz

Fran Lebowitz was born October 27, 1950, in Morristown, New Jersey, in the U.S. She gained fame for her books “Metropolitan Life” (1978) and “Social Studies” (1981). Lebowitz has been the topic of two projects directed by Martin Scorsese, the HBO documentary film “Public Speaking” (2010) and the Netflix docu-series “Pretend It’s a City” (2021). She is sharp as a social commentator and well-known for it. She is open about her personal life and identifies as a lesbian but has had difficulty with romantic relationships. She is also famously resistant to technology and has no smartphone, social media, or computer.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Frances Ann Lebowitz



Birth date:

October 27, 1950



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$4 million


Fran Lebowitz was born and raised on October 27, 1950, in Morristown, New Jersey. She is the daughter of Ruth and Harold Lebowitz, who owned a furniture store. She has loved to read from an early age but was poor in algebra. For her, algebra was the first thing that she couldn’t understand and was never interested in. At an early age, she had several problems being a student. Then, she changed schools because she hated following the school rules. James Baldwin’s work influenced Lebowitz — the first intellectual she ever heard of.

She got expelled from high school. Later, after moving out of her aunt’s house she moved to New York City in 1969. In her early career, she survived by writing papers for students at 20. Also, she worked as a cleaning lady, chauffeur, and taxi driver. When she was 21, she worked for “Changes,” a small magazine about radical-chic politics and culture. In her first formal career as a journalist, she made friends with influential people, artists, politicians, and businessmen.

Also, she started to write some books, movie reviews, and ad copywriting. In 1978, she successfully published her book, “Metropolitan Life.” Later after she wrote several books, “The Fran Lebowitz Reader” (1994) was published. This book contains a collection of comedic essays by Lebowitz and it successfully breaks the market into nine languages including French, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Career timeline

The First Book is Launched

“Metropolitan Life” becomes a best-selling collection of comedic essays by Lebowitz.

Lebowitz Writes Her Last Book

Her final work becomes “Mr. Chas and Lisa Sue Meet the Pandas.”

Lebowitz Features in a T.V. Series

Until 2007 she regularly participates in “Law & Order” as Judge Janice Goldberg.

The HBO Documentary film

Martin Scorsese directs a documentary based on Lebowitz’s, “Public Speaking.”

The Netflix Documentary

“Pretend it’s a City,” by Martin Scorsese, premiers on Netflix.

Why We Love Fran Lebowitz

  1. She has a strong opinion

    Lebowitz rarely changes her opinion about what happened today. She has a current reaction and will respond to issues, especially those involving her friends.

  2. Lebowitz is a funny and friendly person

    She is fun when people have a conversation with her. She is always good to her friends and family. Also, she has her jokes to respond to someone’s questions.

  3. She is not good at algebra

    Lebowitz is never going to give up on writing and speaking. But algebra is the only thing that makes her fed up.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. The technology-free Lebowitz

    She does not own a cell phone, iPod, or computer but likes to read and get updates on the news.

  2. No books at her bedside

    For Lebowitz, books are stimulating and keep her alive. So, she never reads a book before sleeping.

  3. She is a fan of Adele

    Lebowitz thinks that the Pope was fantastic and Adele was also very good.

  4. Lebowitz hates museum

    She doesn’t go to museums for the same reason she avoids movie theaters; she can’t stand people.

  5. She is not on social media

    Before public speaking, she does a lot of speaking engagements without recordings.

Fran Lebowitz FAQs

Did Fran Lebowitz date Toni Morrison?

They were friends, not lovers.

Is Fran Lebowitz a photographer?

No, she is not. Lebowitz is a writer but she also has photographer friends. Her name is Collier Schorr.

Does Fran Lebowitz have siblings?

Ellen Lebowitz is her sister.

Fran Lebowitz’s birthday dates

2024October 27Sunday
2025October 27Monday
2026October 27Tuesday
2027October 27Wednesday
2028October 27Friday

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