Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett, born on May 14, 1969, started her acting career in the Australian theater industry and later became one of the world’s most iconic female movie actors. At the start of her acting career, she had a short stint with the Sydney Theater Company. Next, Blanchett switched to television and excelled in all kinds of genres and character types, thus building her reputation as a versatile actress. Finally, she switched to feature films, where she got the bulk of her accolades. We’ll help you celebrate this colossal actor right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Catherine Elise Blanchett



Birth date:

May 14, 1969



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8.5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$95 million


In 2007, Time magazine listed Cate Blanchett as one of the most influential people in the world. This is a testament to Blanchett’s reputation over the years as a bankable actor who can perform well in any role. Blanchett has had her hard times, and one of these is when her father died when she was only ten years old. But despite the misfortune, she worked hard and has become one of the greatest actors to come out of Australia.

Blanchett was born on May 14, 1969, in Melbourne, Victoria, Southern Australia, and her zodiac sign is Taurus. Her parents are June Blanchett and Robert DeWitt Blanchett, and her heritage is mainly English and partly Scottish. She studied Economics and Fine arts at University but dropped out after a while. A trip to Egypt piqued her interest in acting. In Egypt in 1990, she was asked to play an American cheerleader in the movie titled “Kaboria.” That was the spark Blanchett needed. She returned to Australia and enrolled at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1992.

She made her acting debut in David Mamet’s “Oleanna” in 1992. In the same year, she played Clytemnestra in a production of “Electra” after the lead actress pulled out. Blanchett delivered an award-winning performance despite having practiced for a short time. She started appearing in television series in 1994, beginning with “Heartland,” a miniseries, and followed up with “Bordertown” in 1995. She made the move to feature films in 1997 with “Paradise Road.” Her breakthrough came in 1998 when she played Queen Elizabeth in the movie titled “Elizabeth.” Blanchett has been labeled a top actor ever since.

Career timeline

Blanchett Graduates From College

Blanchet receives her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney.

She Starts Acting On Stage

Blanchett joins the Sydney Theater Company and gets her first acting role in "Oleanna."

Move To Television

She takes her first television series role with "Heartland."

Move To Feature Films

Blanchett takes another step in her career and begins acting in films.


She plays Queen Elizabeth in "Elizabeth," and the performance marks the beginning of public acceptance of Blanchett as a formidable talent.

Blanchett Joins the big Leagues

She joins the cast of "Lord of the Rings," a trilogy that grossed almost $3 Billion.

She Wins An Oscar

Blanchett wins her first Academy Award for her role in "The Aviator."

Why We Love Cate Blanchett

  1. She always gives her best

    Blanchett will stop at nothing to deliver her best. For example, she found it difficult to work using a motion capture suit when shooting “Thor: Ragnarok” in 2017, but, in the end, she delivered an award-winning performance.

  2. She is an L.G.B.T.Q. ally

    Blanchett played the role of a bisexual in "Carol," a popular 2015 movie. She is also an advocate for normalizing same-sex relationships and marriages.

  3. She is a feminist

    Feminism holds the belief that women are equal to men, which means they should have equal rights. Blanchett is a big advocate for women's rights and gender equality.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her face is on Australian stamps

    The Australian Postal Service decided to honor her by putting her face on the ¢55 stamps.

  2. Madame Tussauds made her a wax figure

    The wax museum created a hyper-realistic statue of Blanchett in a dress she wore for an Oscars event.

  3. She has dual citizenship

    Blanchett is an American citizen by origin and an Australian citizen by birth.

  4. She is an environmental activist

    Because of her love for the environment, Blanchett joined the Climate Project in 2006.

  5. She has multiple honorary degrees

    Blanchett received honorary doctorate degrees from Macquarie University, the University of New South Wales, and the University of Sydney.

Cate Blanchett FAQs

Is Cate Blanchett married?

Yes, she is. She is married to Andrew Upton.

How many languages does Cate Blanchett speak?

She only speaks the English language, however, some believe she speaks French too.

Is Cate Blanchett rich?

She has a net worth north of $95 million. She is wealthy by any standards.

Cate Blanchett’s birthday dates

2025May 14Wednesday
2026May 14Thursday
2027May 14Friday
2028May 14Sunday
2029May 14Monday

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