Brent Champagne

Reality star, Brent Champagne, was born on October 28, 1992. He was a flight attendant when he joined the reality show “Big Brother.” Even though he didn’t make it too far in the reality show, he rose to fame through his participation. Today is Champagne’s birthday. We celebrate it by taking a look into his life and career.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Brent Champagne

Birth date:

October 28, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 11"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$300 thousand

Brent's Social Media:


Brent Champagne was born on October 28, 1992, in Cranston, Rhode Island. He is the son of Mark A. Champagne and Lori Champagne. In May 2010, Champagne lost his father. He has three siblings — a brother named Andre and two sisters, Amber and Brittany. Champagne was a college athlete but sadly, his career ended quickly due to an injury. The reality star used to work as a host for a live lottery television show from his hometown, Cranston.

Champagne was a flight attendant but his life changed when he enrolled in the famous C.B.S. reality show “The Big Brother.” Champagne made it to the show. He became one of the 16 people chosen to live together in an isolated house and compete against each other every week to stay on the show. The American reality show aired in July 2021. Champagne had a good run the first week until he started irritating the other house members. His fellow members claimed Champagne’s condescension and harsh comments were why they turned against him. Champagne stayed in the house for three weeks, ending in 14th place. He was evicted from the house by an 11-0 voting. Aside from his television career, Champagne is a stock, cryptocurrency, and N.F.T. investor in his free time.

As of 2022, Champagne still works as a flight attendant traveling the world. He considers himself a “professional traveler.” In August 2022, Champagne and some of the fellow “Big Brother” members went on a cruise trip where they hosted events such as Q&A sessions and dance parties.

Career timeline

An Investor

Champagne starts investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

July 2021
“Big Brother”

Champagne appears on the reality show “Big Brother.”

A Flight Attendant

In December, Champagne goes back to travel the world as a flight attendant.

A Cruise Trip

In March, Champagne announces he’ll make a cruise trip with fellow “Big Brother” members.

Why We Love Brent Champagne

  1. He cares about charity

    Champagne is always helping different charities and encouraging his fans to donate to good causes. Right now, he is supporting Give Kids The World Foundation.

  2. His passion for adventure

    Champagne is always up for a good adventure. He loves to travel the world, meet new people, and taking new chances.

  3. He follows his dreams

    Champagne has had many jobs — he pursued all his dreams. He is an example of “go big or go home.”

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He adores fishing

    Champagne loves fishing and has his own fishing website.

  2. He is adventurous

    When he was asked to describe himself in three words, he said “adventurous, passionate, and confident.”

  3. He loves to travel

    Champagne enjoys all kinds of travel experiences — road trips, hiking, and fishing.

  4. He quit his job to travel

    Once, Champagne quit his job to take a road trip through the U.S.

  5. He won his first car

    Champagne won a 2008 Honda Civic in a video-making contest.

Brent Champagne FAQs

Is Brent Champagne Italian?

No, he was born in the United States.

Where did Brent Champagne go to college?

He attended Rhode Island University.

Did Brent get kicked off “Big Brother?”

He was evicted by a unanimous vote of 11-0.

Brent Champagne’s birthday dates

2024October 28Monday
2025October 28Tuesday
2026October 28Wednesday
2027October 28Thursday
2028October 28Saturday

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