August 27th Birthdays

We have 7 birthdays listed for August 27.

August 27 is the 239th day of the Gregorian calendar. On this day, the first flight of the world's first jet aircraft took place, Moldova became independent from the USSR, and Hurricane Irene hit the U.S. Famous birthdays include Tom Ford, Aaron Paul, and Lyndon B. Johnson. August 27 also marks National Heroes' Day and National Just Because Day.


Mase’s Birthday

This rapper has had a huge impact on the world of hip hop!


Mario Barrett’s Birthday

Singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, and model — is there anything Mario Barret can’t do?


Lyndon B. Johnson’s Birthday

The contributions of this politician to the United States cannot be overstated.


Calvin Millan’s Birthday

Join us as we celebrate the talented actor and his life on his birthday.


Aaron Paul’s Birthday

For this super-talented Hollywood star, the sky's the limit. Let’s celebrate him today!