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MonJun 16

Arborist Appreciation Day – June 16, 2025

Arborist Appreciation Day is celebrated on June 16 every year. It’s the time of the year when we show appreciation to these unsung heroes of tree cultivation, maintenance, and management — and the important role they play in the logging economy. Being an arborist is a dangerous job, as there are a lot of risks involved. It’s safe to say that these men and women put their lives on the line daily in horticulture and dendrology. Today, we show our appreciation for what they do. Find out the ways you can celebrate and show support to arborists nationwide.

History of Arborist Appreciation Day

The origin of arboriculture traces back to ancient times. It was in the Fertile Crescent that the first trees were cultivated in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Owing to migration and trade exchanges, techniques in arboriculture were developed and the profession spread throughout Europe. The date palm tree was the first to be cultivated in the Middle East because of the popularity of its sweet fruit. By 6000 B.C., Asia began cultivating olive trees, which became so popular that they reached North Africa through trade. The discovery of olive trees as producing oil became a vital part of ancient civilization in Italy.

In the Middle Ages, fruits became a huge part of everyone’s dietary intake, which contributed to the rise of orchards. By then, arboriculture became a prominent occupation for many locals. Arborists cultivate apple, pear, apricot, and plum trees, which boosted economies in European countries. By the 18th century, “Diderot and D’alembert’s Encyclopédie” introduced more advanced methods of arboriculture in the ‘Arbre’ (tree) section. These techniques were quickly adopted by arborists which contributed to modern-day arboriculture methods still practiced today.

In 1873, John Davey became the first tree surgeon after planting hundreds of new trees throughout his community in Kent, Ohio. This mass-planting practice is known today as ‘tree surgery.’ By 1878, he built a greenhouse and created a monthly newsletter called ‘Davey’s Floral and Landscape Educator,’ which aimed to educate his community on the importance of tree planting and management.

Today, there are about 8,444 arborists in the United States. This profession is recognized as one of the most dangerous yet important jobs in the nation.

Arborist Appreciation Day timeline

Ancient Times
The Origin of Arboriculture

Arboriculture is introduced in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

6000 B.C.
The Cultivation of Olive Trees

Asia cultivates olive trees and its popularity immediately reaches North Africa and Europe.

Middle Ages
The Demand for Fruits Boosts Arboriculture

Orchards become popular and employment for arborists skyrockets.

18th Century
The Introduction of Advanced Arboriculture Techniques

“Diderot and D’alembert’s Encyclopédie” showcases modern techniques in arboriculture.

The First Tree Surgeon

John Davey becomes the first tree surgeon after mass-planting trees in his community in Ohio, Kent.

Arborist Appreciation Day FAQs

What is the difference between a landscaper and an arborist?

Landscapers do lawn maintenance and installations, while arborists have certifications and codes to follow in maintaining plants and trees.

When should I hire an arborist?

You should call an arborist for overgrown limbs, exposed roots, or fallen trees that affect your home.

How much do arborists make?

As of April 2022, the average salary of an arborist in the U.S. is $26.69 per hour.

Arborist Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Raise awareness on social media

    Social media is the best platform to effectively and quickly raise awareness of certain causes or events. You can share different articles on the importance of arboriculture and how they help the economy. Use the hashtag #ArboristAppreciationDay, and make this an annual habit.

  2. Participate in mass tree planting

    While it’s unlikely for regular citizens to do the more dangerous aspects of an arborist’s job, you can still act as a tree surgeon for a day. Organize a mass planting with your friends and family around your community. It can be a simple shrub or a baby tree. This activity raises awareness about the nature of every arborist’s duties.

  3. Prune your backyard

    One of the simplest things you can do to experience a fraction of what arborists do is to prune your bushes in your backyard. A simple trimming and cutting will do the trick. It’s also a great opportunity to tidy up the growing plants and shrubs on your property.

5 Interesting Facts About Arborists And The Industry

  1. A predominantly male profession

    According to statistics, 92.6% of arborists in the United States are men, while 7.4% are women.

  2. Death rate per annum

    According to analysts, the annual fatality rate for arborists is 30 per 100,000 U.S. workers.

  3. You need a college a degree

    To be a certified arborist in the U.S., you need to have a college degree specific to arboriculture and training in the field.

  4. They offer a variety of services

    Arborists offer a range of services: trimming, planting, treatment (pesticides, insecticides), and consulting.

  5. States with the highest salary for arborists

    California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Rhode Island provide the highest annual salaries for arborists.

Why We Love Arborist Appreciation Day

  1. We love trees

    In an era where climate change is at its peak, we need tree management services more than ever. Arborists offer services such as tree planting and large-scale management that help combat this global crisis.

  2. Arborists save our garden

    Without arborists, trimming, pruning, and the general care of our garden would become a nightmare. Arborists also offer great arboriculture consultations.

  3. They’re unsung professionals

    It’s rare for arborists to be celebrated and have their work highlighted. Dedicating a day to appreciate their craft and hard work is the least we can do to show our support for their profession.

Arborist Appreciation Day dates

2025June 16Monday
2026June 16Tuesday
2027June 16Wednesday
2028June 16Friday
2029June 16Saturday

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