National Reptile Awareness Day – October 21, 2019

Mon Oct 21

Godzilla. Reptar. Yoshi. The Geico Gecko. These are just a few of the famous reptiles we love. But on October 21 it’s National Reptile Awareness Day, a day we celebrate the most cold-blooded of our slithering friends. This day is observed to educate and raise awareness of threats to their natural habitats that our reptilian friends face.

National Reptile Awareness Day Activities

  1. Donate to a reptile conservation program

    There are a lot of different organizations that want to continue educating the public of our reptilian friends. One way they do this is by also advocating for us to have the ability to keep reptiles as pets. Donate to your favorite organization to help them continue being the voice for us.

Why We Love National Reptile Awareness Day

  1. Their body armor

    Reptiles are known for having thick skin, literally. Their armored body is made up of scales or boney plates (yes, some have their bones on the outside) to protect them from the daily wear and tear. How cool is that!

  2. Lizards, turtles, and snakes, oh my!

    Because some of the most awesome characters/creatures on TV, or in the films we watch, are reptiles. They are sometimes dramatized to be huge and scary, like Godzilla, and other times are hilarious, like the Geico Gecko.

  3. They make the best pets

    No backyard to have a dog? No problem! Most reptiles can be kept indoors in naturally adorned tanks. They are easily maintained and make for an educational experience for kids learning about the environment.

National Reptile Awareness Day dates
2019October 21Monday
2020October 21Wednesday
2021October 21Thursday
2022October 21Friday
2023October 21Saturday