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TueAug 6

National Carolyn Day – August 6, 2024

National Carolyn Day takes place on August 6 every year. The meaning of the English name ‘Carolyn’ is ‘joy’ or ‘song of gladness.’ In Western nations, it is a widely used and well-known name. This name is the feminine form of Charles and has a different meaning in Italian, where it means ‘strong.’ In French and Old German, ‘Carolyn’ defines as a ‘free man.’ ‘Carolus,’ a derivative of ‘Charles,’ means ‘full-grown,’ ‘a man,’ and ‘a freeman’ in Latin. Carolyn is most frequently associated with women.

History of National Carolyn Day

‘Carolyn’ is an English version of Caroline or Carolina, both feminine forms of the Medieval Latin masculine name ‘Carolus.’ ‘Carolus’ derives from the Germanic masculine moniker ‘Karl,’ which means ‘free man’ in English.

Thanks to the Stuart Kings Charles I and II, the feminine Caroline had been embraced by upper-class households in England by the 17th century. The Queen Consorts of King George II and King George IV were Caroline of Ansbach and Caroline of Brunswick, respectively. Aristocrat and author Lady Caroline Lamb had a well-known and intense relationship with romantic poet Lord Byron.

Caroline is spelling with two possible pronunciations, whereas Carolyn has only one. Still, like with many names, the choice of spelling is purely personal. While Carolyn has a strong English accent, Caroline has a strong French accent. Carolyn is more contemporary, and Caroline is older and more traditional. While Carolyn is more relaxed and commonplace, Caroline is more aristocratic. Both Carly and Carrie could be pet names for Carolyn.

National Carolyn Day timeline

17th Century
It’s Popularity in England

The female Caroline becomes fashionable in England.

19th Century
Rooted in Aristocracy

When Carolyn becomes a standard spelling, Caroline's name is well-established among the aristocrats.

20th Century
The Preferred Spellings

The preferred spellings are Carolyn over Caroline.

21st Century
Caroline vs. Carolyn

Today Caroline is more popular and pushes Carolyn down the chart.

National Carolyn Day FAQs

What is the personality of a Carolyn?

Carolyn is a name that conjures up logic. You might be psychic, brilliant, wise, graceful, and elegant. In your quest for the truth, you’ll likely develop an interest in mysticism and spirituality. You may not always be outgoing and like socializing with others.

Is Carolyn a popular name?

Between 1880 and 2018, 1947 saw a total of 20,743 infants named Carolyn. The name ‘Carolyn’ appeared 556,779 times in the S.S.A. public database between 1880 and 2018.

What does the Irish word Carolyn mean?

The Irish name Carolyn claims ancestry from the O’Connors of Donegal, where ‘Carlan’— from the Irish ‘Carla’ meaning a ‘wool-comb’ and ‘an’ meaning ‘one who’ — was pronounced O’Carlain or O’Caireallain in Irish.

National Carolyn Day Activities

  1. Watch the show “Dark Shadows”

    Carolyn Stoddard was a character in the television series “Dark Shadows.” He is a famous actor, and you can watch his show to celebrate the day.

  2. Sing joyful songs

    Since the name means ‘sing of joy,’ spend the time with your friends or family and sing happy songs. According to studies, singing is an aerobic workout that increases the body's cardiovascular system's effectiveness and positively affects general health.

  3. Wear Carolyn’s lucky shades

    The lucky shades for Carolyn are yellow, green, and gold. Celebrate the day by wearing the colors and appreciating Carolyn.

5 Interesting Facts About Carolyns

  1. The popular song

    The song ‘Carolyn’ by Zox is very favored.

  2. The origin of the name

    The moniker ‘Carolyn’ is of Germanic origin.

  3. The lucky number

    All Carolyns share the lucky number seven.

  4. It’s mentioned in the female naming chart

    Carolyn has one of the longest mentions in the U.S. female naming chart top 100.

  5. The anagram for Carolyn

    ‘Carolyn’ spelled backward is ‘Nylorac,’ whereas a random rearrangement gives the anagram ‘Ycraoln.’

Why We Love National Carolyn Day

  1. Carolyn is a very famous name

    In 2016, 349 girls in the United States were named Carolyn. Carolyn is a female-only first name, with more than 99.9% of Carolyn’s being female. It is the 102nd most popular female first name in the United States.

  2. Carolyns are sophisticated

    Carolyn is lovely, refined, elegant, and sophisticated. Despite the softness, Carolyn seems more grounded and solid.

  3. For the love of Carolyn Smith

    Smith is a gifted dancer from the United Kingdom who has served as a judge in numerous international events. She is well-known in Italy for her participation as a judge on the Italian version of “Strictly Come Dancing,” “Ballando con le Stelle.”

National Carolyn Day dates

2024August 6Tuesday
2025August 6Wednesday
2026August 6Thursday
2027August 6Friday
2028August 6Sunday

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