40 White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $50

White Elephant gift exchanges are absolute mayhem and make some good laughs among loved ones, friends, and coworkers. You can be sure that once the gift exchange is done, you will have something incredibly bizarre to add to your collection of weird junk on the shelf. 

Every player in the White Elephant game is required to bring a single-wrapped gift. The presents may be sweet, inadvertently sincere, or deliberately trashy. Because the wrapped gifts are anonymously stacked in a mound, it is impossible to determine who delivered what. The first person to select and open a gift from the pile wins their number after the participants draw numbers. The next step is for each player to decide whether they will steal an unwrapped gift from another person or take a chance at opening a gift that is still wrapped. Uncontrolled present-swapping and gift-stealing will then continue until everyone gets a gift to take home. 

If you haven’t started your White Elephant game for this year yet, here are 40 gift suggestions that cost less than $50 and that will make people chuckle and, in some cases, envious.